When in Malta, it is good to be aware of the feasts, events and festivals happening around you. These are usually a great insight to the country’s culture, tradition and way of living. Finding something to do in Malta, is rarely a problem, as there is usually something happening everyday in Malta, especially this year, due to the Valletta 2018 programme. This week there are not many feasts to celebrate, however, there is a large number of local events happening from today until the end of the week. In this article you will find out that, this week, you can find an event to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Valletta 2018 – ZiguZajg International Arts Festival for Children

Ziguzajg19th November – 20th November

This event happens on a yearly basis in Malta and Gozo. ZiguZajg in Malta takes place in Valletta and here you can find over 150 performances, arts and workshops done by international and local companies. One of the best attributes of this event is the multidisciplinary programme, designed to highlight and empower youths’ and children’s creativity and work. This event is usually attended by more than 13,000 people each year.

Other Events you can attend between 19th – 25th November

  • 21st November – Ta’ Marija Folklore Dinner Show – Mosta
  • Ongoing – The Malta International Organ Festival 2018 – Various locations in Malta
  • Ongoing Exhibition – U19 Malta ‘Create Your World – Esplora Kalkara
  • 23rd November – Boutique Concert – Malta’s best loved operas – Russian Centre for Science and Culture, Valletta
  • 24th November – MPO Valletta 2018 International Tour – Valletta
  • 24th November – Dido Musical – Valletta