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Information about registering and running your business in Malta

Starting a Business

When looking to set up your company in Malta, you will have several business vehicles to choose from, ranging from sole trader (the simplest form), limited liability company, to joint stock corporations and holding companies. Welcome Center Malta helps you decide.

Corporate Tax

Many choose to come to the Maltese islands to do business because of its fiscal environment. Foreigners can enjoy the financial benefits that come with lower taxes. Learn about the tax rates and other benefits by incorporating your company in Malta.


Malta is a commercial hotspot that provides access to the European, North African and the Middle East markets. With the creation of the Venture Capital Malta scheme, foreign investors can now enjoy access to private equity funds to invest in Malta.

Living in Malta

VISA & residence permits, healthcare and education

VISA/Residence Permit

For expats who desire to work in Malta, spend their retirement years, or just join a spouse, there are different requirements than staying for less than 90 days. For EU nationals, the process is more straightforward.

Renting or Buying Property

Buying or renting a property in Malta is a relatively straightforward process. If you are looking to invest in a property, the process starts with the signing of a contract known as a konvenju (promise of sale).

Working in Malta

EU Nationals can live and find a job in Malta. However, it is recommended that you contact Jobsplus before to moving to Malta to get acquainted with everything concerning living and working in the country.


Discover the Maltese Islands and its culture


Malta’s small size doesn’t mean finding a place to stay on the island is difficult. There are lots of choices from homely bed and breakfasts to boutique and high-end places to stay.

Culture & History

Malta is a nation of islands at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a history affecting Europe and Africa at the same time which affected the culture and lifestyle in Malta. Learn more with Welcome Center Malta.

Diving & Snorkeling

Explore the lucid and crystal clear waters around the coast of the island of Malta invite both the experienced and beginner diver alike to explore their hidden treasures and depths.