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The Reliable and Secure Services of a VFA Agent Malta

Malta is frequently referred to as the Blockchain Island due to its pioneering advancements in the regulation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The Maltese government has recently introduced several new parliamentary bills to ensure that legislation is in place to provide a secure framework for investors and Virtual Financial Asset service providers regarding Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Security Token Offerings (STO), Cryptocurrency Exchanges and various other DLT based businesses. The Virtual Financial Assets Act (VFAA) endorses the necessity of formally regulated and licenced VFA service providers in Malta. Any company or individual wishing to become an established VFA agent Malta is legally bound to obtain the appropriate licenced accreditations before being allowed to provide any services.

Certificates and Regulations

Licences and regulatory certificates can be sought from a number of approved departments. The main licence is available from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Further certificates are issued by the MDIA (Malta Digital Innovation Authority) for any technological contracts including Distributed Ledger Technology. Several regulatory departments will become involved whenever a project has connections with different areas of digital finance such as online gambling, internet gaming and cryptocurrencies. However, Malta’s network of authorities that supervise the registrations of applicants are highly efficient and competent. The fact that they have rapidly evolved into such a streamlined enterprise is a tribute to Malta’s determination to become a world leader in providing digital financial services that are both legal and secure.


Appointing a VFA Agent Malta

Whenever an individual or company dealing in Initial Coin Offerings needs to submit an application to the appropriate authority, a VFA agent Malta must be appointed. The principal task of the VFA agent Malta is to establish which category the ICO is in. The categories include a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA), electronically transmitted money or a virtual token. The classification is determined by the agent’s use of a Financial Instrument Test ensuring that the ICO is subject to the correct set of legal obligations.

The Role Of A FVA Agent

The VFA agent Malta has a vitally important role in maintaining safe practices within the legal framework governing Virtual Financial Assets. The agent supervises the preparation of a client’s application to the MFSA. Duties also include providing extensive knowledge and guidance on the procedure and overseeing the formulation of a detailed and coherent business strategy. The agent is responsible for verifying a client’s reputation and ensuring that future business arrangements match the promises in the submitted application.

We help our clients avoid the potential exposure for founders in the future by covering all aspects of legal and taxation in detail. Our legal team will thoroughly review your ICO to ensure that it complies in full with the ICO regulations of Malta.

Reliable Services

The Virtual Financial Assets Act provides a detailed structure for the services offered by a VFA agent once the appropriate certificates have been awarded. The VFA agent is then fully authorised to represent individual investors or companies who wish to trade or make subscriptions to any Virtual Financial Asset or cryptocurrency. An agent can offer the management of a client’s entire portfolio of virtual investments. The VFAA also includes provision for the agent to be appointed as a guardian of any cryptographic key that a client may possess. An important area of the agent’s range of services includes providing sound advice concerning all aspects of virtual finance and investments.

Qualifications and Expertise

A VFA agent’s primary role is to provide guidance that are secure and legal regarding investments in digital finance. An agent will also oversee the launch of a new DLT based businesses, ensuring that it complies with the regulations in Malta. A VFA agent possesses a broad range of knowledge and expertise in the investment of Virtual Financial Assets. The VFA agent Malta is in an eminent position of trust and as such must have a character of great integrity to inspire confidence and reliability in the assessment and trading of Virtual Financial Assets.


ICO Launch

Raise capital for your venture by registering an ICO. Let us guide you through the entire process from assessing your tokenomic model, creating smart contracts, legal document requirements, marketing and tax planning.

STO Launch

Let us guide you through launching your STO and help you getting started with issuing security tokens backed by a real world assets. Digitize your business by using the blockchain to raise capital for your business.

Crypto Exchange Registration

A cryptocurrency exchange has the toughest requirements from the VFA services regulated in Malta. When holding clients money, VFA’s and cryptographic keys the regulation takes great care of protecting users. Let us guide you through the complete registration of registering your cryptocurrency exchange.

VFA Agent Services

The VFA agent is central in conducting crypto and blockchain related business in Malta. The agent is the bridge between your business and the authorities. Our experience as VFA agent will guide you through the fit and proper tests, financial instruments tests and ensure your business remains compliant.


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