If you’re an expat in Malta looking for a suitable bank, you have several alternatives to choose from ranging from international banks to small local banks. In case you want to focus on the best banks for your specific situation, we recommend four options: Bank of Valetta, HSBC Malta, IIG Bank and Sparkasse Bank Malta.

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Bank Of Valetta

This is a local bank featuring over 100 branches and cash machines spread through Malta. If you get a checking account at this bank you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals, check your account balance online, use a cash link card (BOV), and create direct debits/credits as well as standing orders.


This is a huge international bank with dozens of branches spread throughout Malta. Here you have the largest diversity of account types to choose from depending on how much money you want to deposit as well as specific services you require. Highlights of this bank include: no monthly fees or minimum balance, home banking services, quick cash card, international debit card, travel insurance (free), and global transfers.


Even though this is a small bank with only two branches available, it’s still a favourite for many people since it provides a more personalized experience. By getting an account here you will get all the basics including home banking, debit cards and savings accounts with interest.


This is another international bank with some interesting options, even though in only has a handful of available branches. Should you get an account here, you get the basics (home banking, debit card, secure banking) plus a few interesting options such as having access to a corporate account, standing orders and multicurrency accounts.

These are in our opinion some of the best banks in Malta for expats, but there are other interesting alternatives you may want to evaluate such as Lombard Bank, Banif and APS. Consider your options carefully and you’ll quickly find the best bank available for your specific needs.