Marketing For A Successful Launch

Initial coin offerings are a reasonably new concept and require different marketing techniques. For example, the launch of an ICO is often under time constraints so trying to rank organically is often something that will take too long to achieve.

Our Malta-based company can provide you with an ICO marketing strategy that will give your project the investment it needs. We focus on brand awareness amongst potential investors through a wide range of public media.

Campaign Funding for Cryptocurrencies

An initial coin offering is how new cryptocurrencies are funded making it possible for them to be launched. Crowdfunding is the usual method used, but more recently private ICOs raising funds from professional market investors have started to appear due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. These private ICOs offer an amount of cryptocurrency tokens which are bought by speculators and investors using legal tender or established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The tokens become legitimate units of currency if or when the funding target is achieved and the currency is launched.

A New Strategy in Marketing

Because the initial coin offering market is so new conventional marketing strategies such as keyword ranking often fail to bring the desired results, therefore it is necessary to create an ICO marketing plan tailor-made for the industry. The most important components of an initial coin offering are public perception and trust. Our ICO marketing strategy aims to bring funding to your ICO by raising its profile and quickly positioning it as a potential market leader. This will be achieved by promotional features and favourable reviews in respected publications by well-known market influencers along with effective PR campaigns built around e-mail, SEO, social media and ICO telegram groups.

ICO Marketing Expertise in Malta

With an experienced team of blockchain developers, marketing strategists and experts in finance and law we will provide you with the effective market analysis and strategy that your ICO needs to become a success, as well as improving the long-term prospects for your token sale. Achievable goals along the way based on commercial and financial data will help move your project forward quickly and rewardingly. Creating a durable, well-known brand is vital to the success of your ICO, therefore we will help you gain higher returns by managing your ICO’s image with positive brand associations, advertising and social media activity.

Post-ICO Legal and Token Management

When the ICO has gone live, backers of the project generally continue to contribute in exchange for more tokens. An ICO can be viewed as an informal IPO but one in which start-up companies are able to raise funds at less cost than using a typical VC funding model. It is also a way of cutting banks and regulators out of the transaction to a certain extent while making VC accessible to a wider audience.
We help our clients avoid the potential exposure for founders in the future by covering all aspects of legal and taxation in detail. Our legal team will thoroughly review your ICO to ensure that it complies in full with the ICO regulations of Malta.

Successful and Widespread Promotion

The ICO marketplace is highly competitive and challenging. Negative publicity for new brands can cause lasting harm therefore removing such content before the damage becomes irreparable is a vital part of any ICO marketing strategy. Our contacts and influencers enable us to maintain control of the perception of your brand, positioning it in pole position with positive feedback from an influential audience of industry experts.

A Forward Thinking Approach

Take advantage of our proven ICO marketing strategy from the creation of the initial concept through the development, testing and finally the implementation of the finished product. We have the skills to guarantee an enduring positive direction for your cryptocurrency which will deliver a successful return from investors and give your brand the best possible start.


ICO Launch

Raise capital for your venture by registering an ICO. Let us guide you through the entire process from assessing your tokenomic model, creating smart contracts, legal document requirements, marketing and tax planning.

STO Launch

Let us guide you through launching your STO and help you getting started with issuing security tokens backed by a real world assets. Digitize your business by using the blockchain to raise capital for your business.

Crypto Exchange Registration

A cryptocurrency exchange has the toughest requirements from the VFA services regulated in Malta. When holding clients money, VFA’s and cryptographic keys the regulation takes great care of protecting users. Let us guide you through the complete registration of registering your cryptocurrency exchange.

VFA Agent Services

The VFA agent is central in conducting crypto and blockchain related business in Malta. The agent is the bridge between your business and the authorities. Our experience as VFA agent will guide you through the fit and proper tests, financial instruments tests and ensure your business remains compliant.


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