In recent years, Malta experienced some price level increases in various sectors, however, despite such increases, a report released by the Eurostat stated that Malta is still cheaper than seventeen other member states. In the report mentioned, if a country exceeded a price level index higher than 100, then it was considered to be more expensive than the European average.

The price level indices in Malta are currently at 82, which is considered to be relatively cheaper than the EU average. The European countries that had a higher prices level index than the average include United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg and the highest being Denmark with a price level index at 142.

On the other hand, there are ten countries with lower price indices than Malta. These are Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Poland and the lowest being Bulgaria with a price level index at 48.

The major differences in the price level indices between the countries were mainly noted in the hospitality industry, tobacco and alcohol. Some gaps between the highest and lowest were almost by one to three. There were also some minor disparities noted in clothing, personal transport equipment and consumer electronics.