Malta Global Residence Programme (GRP)

The Malta Global Residence Programme offers non-EU nationals the freedom of travel and tax benefits for both the applicant and their family.

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Malta Global Residence Programme (GRP)

Malta’s reputation of attracting expatriates to the Islands and strengthen it economy by attracting high value residents is enforced by the Malta Global Residence Programme. Being part of the EU and the full implementation of the Schengen Treaty offers further benefits of VISA free travel within the entire Schengen Area. The Malta Global Residence Programme offers non-EU nationals the freedom of travel and tax benefits for both the applicant and their family.


Legal Basis of Residency

In order to apply for the Global Residence Permit, the applicant needs to demonstrate self-sufficiency and maintain permanent residence in Malta. Either by renting or purchasing a property on the Islands.


Benefits Of The Global Residence Programme

  • Fast process 3 to 4 months
  • Family members and domestic staff included
  • No minimum presence required
  • Tax on remittance basis of 15% flat rate
  • Work permit eligibility
  • Schengen Residence

Malta GRP Highlights

For Non-EU Nationals
Family Members & Domestic Staff Inlcuded
No Minimum Presence Required
Flat Rate of 15% Income Tax
Work Permit Eligibility
Schengen Residence

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Taxation On Residence Under The GRP

Foreign sourced income not remitted to Malta is not subject to tax. Furthermore, any foreign sourced capital gains whether remitted to Malta or not. The remitted taxable income is charged on a flat rate of 15% for persons under the Global Residence Permit.

Persons part of the Malta Global Residence Programme can enjoy Malta’s extensive double tax treaty network, including EU-member states, the USA and Canada ensuring tax is not charged twice on the same income. Overseas capital funds invested locally are also taxed a flat rate of 15% on only interests or dividends received. Pensions received in Malta are also taxed only at source, again applying the 15% flat rate.


Global Residence Programme Eligibility

  • Non-EU national including family
  • Purchase or rent a residence
  • Economically self-sufficient
  • An application fee of €6,000
  • EU health insurance covering all family
  • Min annual tax for all family: €15,000

The GRP is specially designed and open for applications for non-EU, non-EEA and Swiss nationals. The application can contain other bona fide member of the household, meaning the applicants spouse, financially dependent ascendants and other non-family member and dependent relatives. Children of the applicant under the age of 25 are automatically eligible for inclusion in the programme. All applicants must be able to demonstrate self-sufficiency and in possession of valid health insurance cover.

One of the requirements is that the residence permit holder must take up residence within 12 months from the successful inclusion of the GRP. It is demonstrated through providing evidence of the purchase or rental of a home in Malta.

In addition to the property requirement, there is a one-time application fee of €6,000. The value for the property requirements is at €275,000 for purchase of property in Malta and €220,000 for the purchase of property in Gozo and the southern region of Malta. The annual requirements in terms of rental properties is €9,600 and €8,750 respectively.

Persons benefitting from the Global Residence Programme in Malta are not required to demonstrate a minimum day count of their physical presence in Malta. For tax purposes, a declaration that the resident has not spent more than 183 days in any other foreign country. The sickness cover needs to include the entire family and be valid across the EU.

  • Maltese domicile: Not allowed
  • Maximume residence in other countries: no more than 183 days
  • Employment, business and office in Malta: Allowed

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