7 Fun Facts to know when living on the Maltese Islands

7 Fun Facts to know when living on the Maltese Islands
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January 26, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, Malta comprises more than a single island. Hidden inside the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a gem that adventure seekers should definitely consider visiting. Adventures aside, the sun-soaked Mediterranean island is also renowned for its great weather condition. It is one place that manages to remain warm and sunny even during the cold winter seasons. In fact, its temperature does not drop below zero. The following are important facts about living in Malta.

1. Exquisite Coast

Have you ever wondered what this island is renowned for? Whenever this question is posed, one of the answers you can expect to get include beautiful sandy beaches, stunning coastline, and sunny climatic conditions.

But the truth is that there is more to Malta than blue waves and golden sandy beaches. However, its stunning landscapes and beautiful coasts are undeniably the features that make this island the tourist hotspot is has become.

2. Go-To Diving Location

The fact that Malta is renowned for its exquisite coastline does not mean that you will have to spend all your time lying by the seaside. You can also get to appreciate its charm by taking into its crystal clear waters for diving sessions.

Over the years, Malta has been voted as one of the best dive spots in the world. It is also home to hundreds of ancient shipwrecks, caves, and reefs.
Its warm waters mean that there is an abundance of colourful marine life. The comfortable temperatures also mean that you get to spend as many hours as you would like wallowing in the Mediterranean waters. One thing you can be sure of is that you will not run out of things to see in its surrounding waters.

This Mediterranean island is well-known for the numerous shipwrecks dotting its coastline. Some of the wrecks include HMS submarines. Taking a diving session in the archipelago will also bring you face-to-face with its impressive range of geological features.

Azure Window, one of Malta’s most celebrated sea arch’s recently collapsed into the ocean waters after a severe storm. Whilst the collapse brought around immense grief to Gozo Island residents, the submersion has helped to provide an exquisite spectacle for deep-sea divers.

Discover some of the top diving schools in Malta.

3. The Island Has Some of the Oldest Structures in the World

Malta is a location whose beauty and allure goes beyond underwater sea life. In spite of being isolated from other locations, Malta has acted as home to many civilizations for many centuries.

The Hagar Qim is perhaps one of the oldest buildings on the island. Made from limestone, it is a beauty that has been around for more than 5,000 years. It is a Megalithic temple that predates the Stonehenge and Pyramids.
It is a location that has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. But it is not alone, as Valletta—Malta’s capital city—and Hypogeum are also included on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.

4. Its Capital City, Valletta, Is a Unique Gem

Valletta is a city that truly deserves to have its own paragraph in this list. UNESCO has described the city as being one of the most concentrated historic cities in the globe.

It also happens to be one of the cities in Europe to undergo any form of planning. Its designs were drafted in 1565 by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Its original design plans led to the construction of a beautiful city, a city that has continued to grow each passing year.

Valletta boasts of a spectacular and exciting range of architecture. The architecture captures the different rulers of the city including the Arabs, Phoenicians, Byzantine, Greeks, Romans, and Carthaginians.

5. Divine Local Cuisine

Maltese cuisine is famous on its own right. Snacks to sample when visiting Valletta include the ricotta filled filo-pastry Pastizzi. You should ideally wash this snack down with a local soft drink known as Kinnie. It is a drink made from a combination of spices and herbs and local chinotto bitter oranges.

6. The Blue Lagoon and Comino Island

Comino Island provides a photogenic landscape to tourists looking to take amazing vacation pictures. It is an island that has become famous for its tranquillity and isolation. In Malta, Comino happens to be one of its tiniest islands and only measures around 3.5 km.

To-date, the island only has 3 residents. It is known for its rich population of bird species, which also makes it a celebrated nature reserve. It’s sheer cliffs and rugged coastline once made it a great refuge for smugglers and pirates.

Today, they help to provide tourists with breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

7. Malta’s British Connection

Malta has long been famous for its connection to the Brits. It is a fact that can be seen in the high number of British tourists visiting the island.
Additionally, one of its well-known facts is that drivers still drive on the left side of the road. Taking this into account, Malta is one of the 4 remaining European countries that still require drivers to drive on the left.

The quirk can be traced back to British rule which lasted for more than 160 years, coming to an end in 1964. This is when it got its independence.

Moving to a new country is always a big decision. It is something that you will need to properly plan for before making any major moves. If possible, try and make a visit to Malta in advance to get an idea of what living in Malta is really like before you relocate.

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