Bet365 Confirms Growth in Malta

Bet365 Confirms Growth in Malta

Bet365 is one of Europe’s largest online betting and gaming company.

The gaming company, which is currently based in Gibraltar confirms its expansion to the Maltese Islands. The company has a Class 2 sports betting license which was issued by Malta Gaming Authority.

Bet365 discussed several reasons for expanding their business on the island. Two of the main reasons mentioned, were due to the regulatory developments in various Maltese jurisdictions and the belief that Malta, “provides a mature and robust regulatory environment for the industry”. In addition to this, they also mentioned that another reason was due to the developing and growing global regulatory environment for online gaming and betting companies.

Bet365 also stated that, in order to support the online operations that will be held in Malta, they plan on investing in commercial property and to recruit local and foreign personnel. Furthermore, they will also be increasing their infrastructure capabilities.

Despite their expansion and previous claims, Bet365 confirmed that they will not be relocating to Malta from Gibraltar, however, solely an expansion. Their main operational hub is and still will be based where it currently stands in Gibraltar. They ensured this by saying, “we can confirm that we will be retaining our strong presence in, and commitment to, Gibraltar where our main operational hub is based and will continue to maintain our existing dual regulatory and licensing strategy and presence.”

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