Funding & Incentives With Malta Enterprise

Funding & Incentives With Malta Enterprise
Updated on
February 13, 2023

Malta Enterprise is the economic growth agency that is responsible for the development and support of Malta’s enterprise both locally and internationally. To help facilitate the development and growth of businesses in Malta, the agency provides a range of funding and support that assists in facilitating the enterprise throughout its stages of growth. Whether you are a businessperson with a new start-up idea or a reputable business ready to enlarge your activities, entering into a joint venture or project into exports, Malta Enterprise can help you. Below are the areas Malta Enterprise focuses on to offer when offering funding support. Click on the several sections to access Malta Enterprise full range of funding programmes that can help you.

Investing & Growing

In our current competitive environment, no business can survive without keeping up with the latest trends and its competitors. A variety of advisory services and incentives to support businesses in their constant development are accessible to help cover initiatives in sustainability, employment, innovation, capital investment, and e-business.

Exploring New Markets

For the go-getting business owners, we have created programmes to help local businesses expand their territories into other markets. These include training for business people new to this venture, financial funding to help invest in projects, which will assist in positioning your business properly for the target market. It will also help you organise trade fair participation and delegations for the veteran enterprise ready to do trade abroad.

Set up a Collaboration

Collaboration between businesses research institutions and industries are a sure way of inspiring economic growth. It also helps improve the competitiveness of particular industry sectors. Support is available to encourage the growth of cross-border and inter-regional business clusters and networks.

Research & Development

The use of research and development to progress business operations is necessary for the economy. It helps improve its position and to retain its attractive power in specific niches of activities, which contain the potential to generate high-value additional employment and activities.Malta Enterprise provides an all-inclusive incentive package. The aim of the package is to increase the amount of research and development activities in Malta. The motivations targets activities from the preparation to undertake such projects to post-implementation thus closing the cycle between the generation of a new idea and its realization as a new product on the market.

Financial Instruments

Companies that put forward projects with a substantial economic return may obtain access to the various financial instruments we offer. The financial instruments will help ease the financial load of heavy investments. Additionally, businesses that engage in progressive manufacturing may benefit from appropriate locations at competitive prices.

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