Malta Internet & Phone Providers - Communication Options

Malta Internet & Phone Providers - Communication Options
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February 15, 2023

Communication companies in Malta provide a host of packages that are tailored to the diverse customer needs. Individuals who are new to the island should familiarise themselves with the available services to simplify the selection process of Malta internet and phone providers.

Wireless Networks

People living in Malta have access to about 185 free Wi-Fi hotspots that are under the management of the Malta Communications Authority. The site offers a list of spots where individuals can connect to these hotspots.

Malta Internet Offers

Individuals and enterprises on the island can buy internet plans from the various service providers that provide the common alternatives, including fibre, dial-up, wireless and cable. Dial-up is among the first form of internet services, but currently, it has been replaced by broadband. With dial-up connections, users have to use modems, which in most instances serves as back up to broadband internet. A majority of households in Malta rely on Broadband internet due to its high accessibility, not to mention it offers high speeds and reliability. Some of the service providers that expats can use for commercial and domestic internet plans are;

  • GO- offers 4Mbs with download limits of 250GB with prices starting from 13.87 Euros per month
  • Vodafone Malta- for mobile internet packages that begin at 10 Euros for 5GB monthly
  • Melita- charges 23.50 Euros every month for fiber-power internet plans

Mobile Phone Malta Internet

Mobile phone ownership is one of the considerations after arriving in a new place. One has to be able to keep in touch, and that means finding a suitable subscription service promptly. Maltcom is the island’s main service provider, but customers get a few other choices. A mobile phone user can use the pay-as-you-go service that most telecom companies offer. With this option, the mobile phone owner has to top up airtime first then use the service. Alternatively, one can go with the contract option where subscribers pay their phone bills monthly.

  • For the pay-as-you-go package, on Vodafone Malta, a subscriber gets 10 Euros worth of credit with same network calls at 10c each and 50 Mb data. At, customers can find more alternatives. For a monthly contract, 35 Euros equals to 100 Mb mobile data, 2,000 minutes for same network calls and 60 minutes to other networks.
  • Melita ( offer 100 Mb and calls at 10 c each for its Tentastic Top Up Plan while its unlimited monthly plan gives unlimited calls to the same network and 60 minutes to other networks for as little as 20 Euros.

Getting the Best in Communications

Price comparisons are essential when picking a telecommunication company to use for various services. One should spend some time analysis offers from different providers, including the taxes. Some companies have bundled internet and phone packages that promise cost savings. Expats must compare those as well. is one tool that a person can use to check out broadband, line and mobile tariffs. The rates displayed incorporate VAT but not the excise tax.For expats new in Malta, the following numbers come in handy in various situations;

Directory Enquiries: 1182Directory Enquiries: (Vodafone) 1189Ambulance/ Emergency/ Fire Brigade – 112Police: 21224001-7International Code for overseas calls – 00356Directory Enquiries: (Go Mobile) 1187
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