Malta's Sustainable Water Project: Major EU Funds Investment

Malta's Sustainable Water Project: Major EU Funds Investment
Updated on
January 26, 2023

With Malta in a period of sustained and rapid, economic growth, the island's infrastructure is about to receive a substantial investment from the EU Cohesion Policy fund. The €150 million funding, the biggest ever for a project in Malta, will enable the Water Services Corporation to produce more water, recycle used water, and improve energy efficiency.

Sustainability A Key Requirement, Given Economic Growth

Desalination plants will be upgraded, so that more sea water can be processed. That means far less water will need to be taken out of ground-based sources - about four billion fewer litres each year. In Gozo, a plant using advanced "reverse osmosis" technology will boost daily water production by nine million litres a day. 

Water needs to be distributed, and the blending and distribution infrastructure will also be upgraded. A new tunnel, being built at a cost of €33 million, will move water between Pembroke and Ta’ Qali. Meanwhile, new treatment technology will greatly improve the capacity of the sewage network. 

Malta's farmers will benefit too, with up to seven billion litres of recycled water being delivered to agricultural land through a 70km pipe network and more than 400 automatic dispensers. 

A Landmark In Efficient Water Use

The works are known collectively as the "Net Zero Impact Utility" project, and they're a landmark in terms of sustainable water production and use, across Malta and Gozo. The EU investment in this project has helped make this "holistic" and sustainable approach possible.

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