Quick Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance in Malta

Quick Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance in Malta
Updated on
January 26, 2023

Work-life balance usually stands for the level of prioritisation one dedicates between professional activities, such as work and personal life. It can also be described as the amount of time invested in a day for working, in comparison to, the amount of time dedicated for leisure activities, personal and free time.

The ideal work-life balance usually depends on the individual, however, researches often define the best work-life balance as having little to none, differentiation between the individual’s free time and professional life.

Work-life balance is perceived as a topical problem, as it often changes with technology advancement. Nowadays its much easier to work from outside the workplace when compared to 20 years ago. Technological advancements allowed individuals to be able to work from just a smart phone. This therefore, creates a blurred distinction between work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance in Business

If you have your own business, or even more if you just started your new venture, work-life balance often almost is seen as impossible. This is due to the many tasks required to open, manage and grow a business. Despite working very hard, especially in the beginning stages, is crucial for one’s success, you have to also keep a reserve for your personal time.  This can impact quite negative, as without a proper work-life balance, individuals are prone to become stressed and the quality of work might decrease.

It’s not advised to let your business consume you completely. Whilst you and your family probably depend on the success of your business, you have to keep time for your to grow outside your work environment, build relationships and grow your social network. Your leisure hours should be for recharging yourself to work even harder the next day.

Tips for Managing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

*Tip 1- Everyone’s Balance is different, and it should be balanced depending on the individual. There is no one rule for all, but instead focus on discovering your own balance.

*Tip 2 – Don’t allow others to influence you. Find your balance and stick with it. Despite it is good to strive for a healthier balance, do not let others impose their balance. This might come from parents, colleagues or friends.

*Tip 3 – Keep your balance successful. Whilst it is wise to balance your work, do not get carried away with rewarding yourself. You are still not likely to receive happiness, if you focus on giving yourself too much time off in comparison to your working time. You need to generate enough money in your work hours, to be able to enjoy the hours off work.

*Tip 4 – Do not waste time. It is useless to have an excellent work-life balance, but you waste valuable time while at work. Every 15 minutes counts and it is recommended that you schedule work & leisure hours to enhance the efficiency of your work-life balance.

*Tip 5 – Keep them apart. Do not let one interfere the other, meaning, do not let work stifle your free time and in return do not let your leisure time to be an obstacle for your work. A healthy balance is often the recipe for a lasting and happy career.  

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