The Malta Experience & La Sacra Infermeria Tour

The Malta Experience & La Sacra Infermeria Tour
Updated on
January 30, 2023

For more than three decades The Malta Experience has enthralled audiences with its audio-visual journey through the country’s 7000 year history. It’s now firmly established as the ‘first stop’ on a sightseeing tour of the islands because it gives visitors an enriched understanding of the historical locations they will visit.

Situated in a purpose-built panoramic auditorium and available in 17 different languages, the show chronicles Malta’s unique history in just 45 minutes.

A must-see audio-visual treat, The Malta Experience will enrich your understanding of the islands, its people and the places you’ll see on your visit.  Through beautiful imagery and a gripping commentary, The Malta Experience, the island’s premier audio-visual show has enthralled over 4 million visitors.

Following the show, you be entrusted to our professional guide who will take you on a tour of La Sacra Infermeria (Holy Infirmary).

Built in 1574, this hospital was the most revolutionary in Europe. Its resident chemists invented a number of ground breaking treatments, such as the use of honey to treat wounds and the serving of food on silver plates to prevent the spread of bacteria. “La Sacra Infermeria’s” 155 metre (508 feet) main ward was the longest in Europe.

The Malta Experience

Discover 7,000 years of history with our Award Winning audio-visual show, available in 17 languages & take the La Sacra Infermeria Tour



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