Top Diving Schools & Courses in Malta

Top Diving Schools & Courses in Malta
Updated on
January 26, 2023

For those with a love for the under-water world and adventurous spirit, learning scuba diving is a truly unique and memorable experience. Learning how to dive with a professional instructor can be extremely fun and addictive, so be warned!

Furthermore, the Maltese Islands offer spectacular diving opportunities almost all year round. With that being said, diving can be quite expensive depending on the location, diving school and courses you opt for. Commencing with some of the main reasons why Malta makes an excellent diving destination, in this article, we introduce some of the best diving schools and courses in Malta that we confidently recommend.

4 Reasons why choose Malta as your Diving Destination;

  • Many dive sites to choose from – In Malta there are over 30 diving sites that you can access by boat or from shore. The vast majority of dive sites are suitable for all diving levels and the diving schools in Malta are happy to assist you with reaching the deepest depths! You can view some of the top diving sites in our diving section.
  • Clear Waters – The Mediterranean Sea is renowned for its high visibility. The Maltese islands are gifted with crystal clear water, ample marine life and activity.
  • History from a different perspective – Malta has a very rich history on land and in the sea no less! You can find many caves, shipwrecks and historic remains under the Maltese sea that are safe and fun to explore.
  • Dive with professionals – The diving schools chosen for this article were carefully handpicked out of recommendations, experiences and professionalism. All the instructors are well trained and have the ability to assist you throughout all the levels of your course.

<h2-center>Top Diving Schools in Malta<h2-center>

<h3-center-line>Dawn Diving<h3-center-line>

Qawra, Malta

This school one of the most prestigious diving schools in Malta with years of experience. Dawn Diving offers diving courses for every level, with the sole objective to develop highly skilled and training scuba divers. There are no shortcuts to getting your license with them, however, rest assured, that when you do, you will be qualified at the highest levels.  Dawn Diving are renowned for their impeccable team of instructors that are passionate individuals providing divers with a safe and fun experience.

They provide PADI courses in most locations around the island and have extensive knowledge of the Maltese marine life, reefs and ecosystem, which all play an important role in making the Maltese underwater experience as special as it is. If you prefer tailor made trips, they also offer privately guided trips and excursions.

Furthermore, if you are new to the diving experience, you can rest assured that no time will be wasted and you will be in the water from day one, due to the safe conditions the island offers. Last but not least, the team will not only assist you with becoming a licensed diver but also when it comes to accommodation.

Contact Details:
Telephone Number: +356 7934 0627

<h3-center-line>Scubatech Diving Centre<h3-center-line>

St Paul’s Bay, Malta

Established since 1990, this diving school has been providing quality dive services for many years, with the main aim on safety, education and enjoyment. From the earliest stages, the school focused on providing diving courses in small groups, in order to be able to give each diver, individual attention during their dives whilst enjoying the lovely Maltese experience themselves.

The diving school strives to be transparent when it comes to the courses’ costs, so they even include the cost of their PADI materials on their price lists. Furthermore, all their staff are fully qualified with PADI qualifications and/or CMAS equivalents.

When it comes to their courses, there are no boundaries, as they provide a range of courses to complete beginners whilst also having courses for highly experienced divers.  They boast the following four reasons to dive with them;

  • Dive with small individual groups.
  • Learn from very experienced instructors with great knowledge of the marine life and diving sites
  • Get a personal touch – their small private groups allows them to connect with each and every student diver and cater closely to their needs,
  • Become part of the Scubatech family!

Contact Details:
Telephone Number: +356 2158 0617

<h3-center-line>Starfish Diving School<h3-center-line>

St Julian’s, Malta

Located in one of Malta’s most exiting locations, St Julian’s, close to most hotels on the island. The diving school has been providing top quality diving courses since 2002 and takes pride in offering tailor made services to each and every client.

Starfish Diving School offers a full range of PADI diving courses for absolute beginners up to experienced divers all around the island.  The diving instructors are all well qualified with the ability to teach languages as well, including, English, Finish, Russian, Spanish and French!

For those that prefer not to go into the sea from their first dive, Starfish Diving School also has access to swimming pools for easy training. Furthermore, the diving school also provides a PADI online course. This allows us to cover your theoretical part of the course while not wasting your days on the island and spend more time underwater.

Starfish Diving School offers a number of courses to their clients, including the standard PADI courses, TDI courses and rebreather courses. Last but not least, the diving school offers a variety of special offers on packages.

If you would like to know what it feels like diving with Starfish Diving School, you can view some of their videos on their website. Book your course with Starfish Diving School:

Contact Details:
Telephone Number: +356 9927 6998

<h3-center-line>Utina Diving College<h3-center-line>

Xlendi, Gozo

Just 50 metres from the beach in Xlendi, you can find a unique diving school with a passion for exploring the Gozitan aquatic life!  The location is easy to get to and also an ideal place to learn how to dive in crystal clear and safe waters complimented with an exciting marine life.

Utina Diving College is one of the most reputable diving schools in Gozo and with their team of experienced Instructors and Crew, you can discover some of the most beautiful gems hidden underwater in Gozo.  Some of the popular dive sites you will get to visit are Xlendi Bay & the Tunnel, Inland Sea, Blue Hole and the renowned Cominoland and Karwella Wrecks.

Some of the courses you can find at Utina Diving College are;

  • Basic scuba diving ranging from half a day.
  • Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Join a PADI IDC & IE to become an Instructor
  • Rescue Diver Course
  • Divemaster Internship

Guided Dives from Novice to Instructors on Holiday, all are welcome.

For a memorable diving experience in Gozo, contact Utina Diving College;

Contact Details:
Telephone Number: +356 2155 0514 or +356 7955 0514

<h3-center-line>Book your diving course online with CheckYeti<h3-center-line>

Our next recommendation to book your diving lesson directly online is CheckYeti, which is the leading online platform to search, compare and book activities in 900+ beach and mountain destinations in Europe – including numerous scuba diving courses and snorkelling trips on the islands of Malta.

With more than 10,000 listed activities by certified guides, instructors and diving schools, holidaymakers and outdoor enthusiasts will always find the perfect offer on CheckYeti and the perfect scuba diving offer in Malta.

To help you commence with your diving course, CheckYeti picked the top spots for first-time divers to take their first lessons, highlighting locations which are safe, fun and with ample marine diversity:

Marsalforn – Get the opportunity to explore the underwater world in the vicinity of one of Gozo’s most popular locations for scuba divers, snorkelers and swimmers. The sea is crystal clear and clean, permitting high visibility and safe diving.

Qawra – Qawra has an abundance of diving opportunities and is home to one of the most beautiful reefs on the island. Furthermore, in Qawra, you can also find many caves which are safe to enter and explore.

St Julian’s – St Julian’s is not only great for on-land activities, but also has a number of diving sites to discover. Explore the rugged Maltese coast and learn to scuba dive in shallow caves, underwater tunnels and wrecks.

Mellieha – Head up to the north of the island, where you will encounter several underwater wrecks in your vicinity. Apart from that, expect to find high visibility and clear water with a sandy seabed.

Xewkija – Another beautiful diving locations in Gozo with many opportunities for an unforgettable scuba diving experience. Alongside many exciting wrecks, off the island’s coast, you will find many caves and tunnels to explore.

For more information about diving locations for both beginners and advanced visit CheckYeti. You can also find a detailed guide about everything you need to know about scuba diving in Malta.

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