Valletta Shopping Experience - Food, History and Fashion

Valletta Shopping Experience - Food, History and Fashion
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January 30, 2023

If you’re looking to do some shopping in Malta, then you’ll never be at a loss here. Valletta is a magnet for shoppers and our Valletta Shopping Experience will help you see all there is to discover in this beloved city.

Walking through the streets of Valletta, individuals experience an immersion in the culture, history and art the capital city has to offer. Recognised as one of Malta’s UNESCO world heritage sites, Valletta and its narrow streets offer plenty of attractions, restaurants and shops to suit everyone’s taste. If you would like to start your day early in the morning, you are bound to experience the local morning rush – the commute of locals entering the city, considering Valletta is more of business and commercial hub.

Upon entering the quaint streets of Valletta, one finds a multitude of luxurious boutique hotels, all distinct from one another containing lavish rooms, characterful yet mesmerising interiors, eclectic designs, original limestone walls, charming roof terraces and panoramic views of the 2018 European Capital of Culture. The capital city is also perfectly situated to allow easy travel around the island, thus making it the ideal base for your stay in Malta.

If you’re predominantly interested in shopping, whether you’re looking for one-of-a kind pieces or simply want to browse, then the Valletta shopping scenery is full of buzzing fashion; ranging from various designer brand shops and luxurious retailers primarily spread across Republic Street which runs from Valletta City Gate down to granaries at Fort St Elmo and Merchant Street. We recommend a pleasant walk along these pedestrianised main streets, as this is where you’ll find the leading high street brands. Furthermore, although the concept of shopping malls is a relatively new addition to the Maltese commercial landscape, one finds two shopping centres in Valletta – the Savoy Shopping Arcade and the Embassy Shopping Complex & Cinema which offer their visitors a wide variety of shops selling all manner of goods ranging from clothing to electronics and even books, all under one roof. In the city, the majority of shops open from 9am to 7pm, however, in other parts of Malta shops may close between 1pm to 4pm.

For those who do not want to leave their loved ones empty handed or might want to find something to purchase as a momento of their time in Malta, Valletta also offers various souvenir shops; handmade lace and silver or gold filigree jewellery with the Maltese cross a common motif, are arguably the most coveted souvenirs in Malta. However, other popular souvenirs include blown glass and ceramics and locally produced food items such pickled capers, honey rings and even numerous liqueurs made from prickly pears and pomegranate.

If you’re feeling ravenous and would like to stop for a lunch break, Valletta gives you the opportunity to taste some of the lovely Mediterranean cuisine available from the wide selection of restaurants around the city. Local chefs design their creations with fresh local produce which often makes them look too good to eat. One the other hand, if you prefer something quick, one can also enjoy an espresso or cappuccino and a light snack at one of quirky and quaint outdoor cafes found on every corner.

Valletta also contains a myriad of sites such as the Grandmaster’s Palace, St John’s Cathedral and various museums including the National Museum of Archaeology and the National Museum of Fine Arts.  Nevertheless, art is not confined to museum spaces as when it comes to the capital city, it has gone al fresco. While walking, look up and take in your surroundings; from statues of saints perched on street corners to traditional door knobs and architectural features such as the colourful enclosed balconies sitting one atop another.

Breath-taking views are the icing on the cake when visiting the capital city. To end your day, make a stop at the Lower or Upper Barrakka gardens to take in the view of the Grand Harbour and catch the beautiful evening light. You can almost picture the battles that took place over the historic harbour.

On the grounds that Valletta is largely a pedestrianised city, everything is within walking distance, thus, leave the guidebooks and wander around the city aimlessly. Leaving your day in Valletta open to chance might help you find nooks and crannies that otherwise you would never even thought of finding. Your Valletta shopping experience provides you with more than your normal ‘shopping in Malta’ experience as there is plenty to see just by taking a stroll in the narrow streets of Valletta.

Nevertheless, if you’re still up for some more shopping, then Sliema is only a ferry ride away.

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