Where Is Malta? The three islands in the heart of the Mediterranean

Where Is Malta? The three islands in the heart of the Mediterranean
Updated on
February 15, 2023

The Republic of Malta is an independent state in Europe. It is located centrally in the Mediterranean sea. Malta is the smallest member of European Union in size. The article outlines the location of Malta, the land mass, the capital city, the culture, and the map.

Where is Malta Located?

Analysing the European map, you will find that Malta is about 93 km or 58 miles to the South of Sicily in Italy on the Southern part of Europe. It is 300 km or 186 miles from the coast of North Africa. It lies 288km east of the coast of Tunisia. The Republic of Malta is a nation which consists of three islands. The main island is Malta where the other two are, Comino and Gozo.

Maltese and English are two official languages of Malta. The capital city of the nation is Valletta. Valletta is on the centre of the island’s coast on the Northern side. The city hosts the nation’s largest harbour. Island Malta is not only the largest of the three islands but also the most economically developed island. The Gozo island is a peaceful island and has rural setups. It offers breathtaking views. Also, Gozo provides numerous opportunities for various outdoor activities including rock climbing, hiking, and biking among others. The other island, Comino, is the smallest of the three islands and only a few people live on the island.

Importantly, Comino island hosts a hotel offers extraordinary hospitality. The hotel also provides facilities for families to spend on holidays while relaxing Malta. Also, Comino island has some of the most beautiful bays in Malta such as Blue Lagoon.

The Size of Malta

Malta has a geographical size of about 316 square km whereas its population is approximately 400,000. The population size to landmass size ratio ensure that Malta ranks high regarding population density across Europe and the world.

The Capital of Malta

Valletta is the nation’s capital city. It is one the smallest capital cities in European Union. Additionally, it is also one of the youngest capital. The Knights of Malta built the town in 1566 and envisioned the city as a fortress. The town has great bastions and Baroque buildings. It is rich in Maltese history and is one of the favourite tourist attractions in Malta.

Where is Malta on the Map?

Malta Island is 246 square km or 95 square miles where Gozo is 67 square kilometres or 26 square miles. Comino is the smallest island inhabited in Malta and has just 2.7 square kilometres. Malta has 84 percent of the nation’s total population. Most people live on Malta Island especially in the North-Eastern part of the island which experienced most of the urbanisation in Malta. Valletta and the surrounding harbour areas are some of the densely populated areas. Island Malta has large harbours attracting high population densities in comparison to Gozo island. Currently, Comino has about four people living on the island.

Maltese Culture

The people of Malta have a unique culture with influences from foreign cultures during the interactions. The overseas empires moulded pre-existing traditions, values, beliefs, and, customs of Gozitans and the Maltese. Malta has two official languages, namely Maltese and the English language.

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