Who Needs a Malta Work VISA?

Who Needs a Malta Work VISA?
Updated on
February 13, 2023

Am I Obliged to Take a Maltese Work Visa?

Just like in every country across the world, you need to find out whether a work permit is required in Malta. Some conditions may exempt you from a work permit which is based on your type of work and nationality.

Since Malta is part of the European Union, nationals from other Member States have the right to live and work in the state without a visa. The non-EU members, however, will be obliged to take a work permit to facilitate their stay and employment in Malta.

Getting a Maltese Visa

On 1st May 1999, the Amsterdam Treaty harmonised application rules for a visa by non-European Union citizens. Member States of the European Union, Ireland and the United Kingdom exempted based on the Treaty of Amsterdam, uphold free permit. Asylum and immigration policies are prevented from determining Visa in Malta rules for non-EU members visiting the state for a short duration.

A communication from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has indicated that there has been an immediate temporary suspension of agreement for special and diplomatic passports for Libyan nationals to reintroduce entry visa requirements obliged for these passports. Holders of Official passports or Service will also be required to take this visa.

When issuing a visa in Malta, some exceptions and derogations are in existence for persons in specific categories, like custom and grounds of international law. People in the following categories may be exempted by the Member States from carrying EU visa:

  • Holders of official duty passports, diplomatic passports and any other official passports
  • Sea crew and civilian air
  • Attendants and flight crew who are undertaking an emergency of rescue mission, and their helpers
  • A civilian crew occupying a ship which is navigating in international seas.

Starting 28 March 2017, Georgian biometric issue passports in 180 days will exempt for 90 days. Ukrainian issued biometric passports in 180 days will exempt for 90 days starting 11 June 2017.

Below, you can find a list of all the countries that require a VISA to work or live in Malta:

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