World’s First Blockchain Mobile Phone Provider Moving To Malta

World’s First Blockchain Mobile Phone Network Moving To Malta
Updated on
February 13, 2023

YOVO, the world’s first blockchain mobile phone network has that confirmed it will be moving its headquarters to Malta, with an investment of €20 million and a team of thirty members. With this mobile network company, you will be able to buy your tokens with over 40 different types of crypto currencies.

Richard Skaife, the CEO & CO-Founder of YOVO, said that they will be serving their mobile network service from their head quarters to millions of digital currency users. Furthermore, he added that they will take part of the growing blockchain community in the Maltese islands.

YOVO will be releasing their global product in June. YOVO clients will then be able to pay and manage any mobile services through their digital currency. Furthermore, they can even earn money.

At the time of the launch YOVO will be working with Stellar Blockchain, which is the fastest protocol that connects customers throughout the globe. Commencing with just over 130 countries, the company said that they plan to spread over 200 countries within the next year.

Satisfied with YOVO’s decision to move to Malta, Silvio Schembri, the Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation said that it is clear that, blockchain operators are looking for legal stability and certainty. He added that, as the Government of Malta, that is what they plan to do.

Undeniably, the increase of such companies relocating to Malta will contribute highly to the economy and enhances the island’s position in the Blockchain sphere. In a report done by 99Bitcoin, Malta ranked as the friendliest country for Blockchain.

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