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We take care of every single detail while renting our motor yachts and sailing boats.

It is worth mentioning that the best way to enjoy the Maltese Islands is to spend a day out at sea, as you will get to enjoy the sun and Maltese coast on uninterrupted crystal clear waters. Having ample experience in the area, we will be able to offer you guidance on the requirements of renting a motor yacht and sailing boat. At the same time, we will help you decide on the type of yacht to go for, depending on your occasion and needs.

This advice is particularly important to people who intend to entertain their business associates or clients, and those who want to build rapport among their employees. With our help, you will be able to offer them a unique experience that they will never forget.

Touring the Maltese Coastline

Malta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, and when chartering a yacht, you will get to experience some of the best views of the island. The beaches offer beautiful golden sand, the cliffs are magnificent, and the bays are small, yet breath-taking.

You will also get a taste of the local history when visiting the harbors. Yacht chartering is one of the best ways to truly experience Malta. Another major opportunity when chartering a yacht is that you will get the opportunity for diving and snorkeling in Maltese waters. You will be surprised to see how clean and clear the water is!

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There is a wide range of yachts to charter in Malta and depending on your wishes, you can opt for a sailing yacht or a motor yacht charter. Also, depending of the size of the yacht, some also carry dinghies that will allow you to explore the smaller caves in the area.

5 Most Popular Charters in Malta

Day Charter – With this option, you will be able to relax the day away in the yacht. In the course of the day, you can go through the coves and lagoons as you enjoy various water sports.

Multi-day Charter – If you need to spend more than a single day on the yacht, go for this option. It will take you through the coast of Malta, Gozo, and Comino. You will be able to spend the night on one of the top yachts to charter in Malta.

Special Events Charter – You might need to rent the yacht for a wedding proposal, photo session, birthday celebration, or any other type of event.

Bare boat charters – If you are experienced with steering a ship, you can choose this option. You will have the freedom of driving the yacht yourself! Our sailing yachts will come fully equipped for your charter in Malta.

Corporate yacht charters – For conferences, co-worker meetings, and office parties, this option will not disappoint. With our help, you will be able to set up one of the most memorable sailing experiences for you and your team, on a yacht charter in Malta.

Considerations when Chartering A Yacht in Malta

Here are a few things you should remember when selecting a yacht to charter in Malta:

The total number of people – The type of yacht you select has to suit the number of people you are planning to bring on board. A motor yacht will typically suit small groups while a sailing yacht will accommodate larger populations. If you plan to stay on board for long, you will need extra space for sleeping.

Type of yachts – The yachts don’t just differ in size; they also have different cruising speeds, comfort and luxury.

Safety – When at sea, safety should be the highest priority. Check out the government’s safety checklist, before going out at sea.

Weather – The weather is a major deciding factor whether you will be able to charter a yacht or not. When planning, ensure you check the weather forecast in advance. Check out Malta’s weather forecast here.

Services – All our ships come with various services. They come with full crews that help you care for yourself and other people on board. The sailors are also well trained and have many years of experience. This means you can be sure everything will go as planned.

Choosing Between a Motor or Sailing Yacht in Malta

As you make your decision on the type of charter to go with, you will have to choose between a motor yacht and a sailing yacht. These two options come with their own advantages, so you have to research them thoroughly before making your decision. We summarised the main differences for you. Additionally, we will feature some of the top yachts in Malta for motor and sailing.

Motor Yacht Charter in Malta

A combination of power, luxury and comfort. A Motor Yacht Charter in Malta is excellent for business as well as casual occasions. As a luxury yacht, this option will impress your guests and will let you enjoy time away from the public eye. Our motor yacht charters in Malta come with all the modern facilities you may expect. They have luxurious dining options and strive to offer the utmost comfort. You can cook your own food in the kitchen, use a modern bathroom, or lounge in the sun. If you go for a larger boat, you will even get to enjoy a number of additional facilities. In some yachts you can also find a jacuzzi and lounge area.

5 Best Motor Yachts to Charter in Malta

Sunseeker Portofino 40
sunseeker portofino 40

Accommodates up to 8 Day Guests

A beautiful yacht that offers ample opportunities. Its size allows you to explore any bays on the coast of Malta and Gozo, with ease and is also equipped with a small dinghy which allows you to explore tighter spots and caves. The Swimming platform is hydraulic, and this allows you to have a beautiful surface to soak up the sun. One of the most exciting features of this yacht is that with just a touch of a button, you can open the hard top, converting it into an open boat.

Sunseeker Manhattan 55
Sunseeker Manhattan 55

Accommodates up to 12 Day Guests

A yacht that guarantees smooth and effortless glide through the Maltese waters. The Sunseeker Manhattan 55 is one of the most sought-after yachts to charter in Malta, due to its size and many cool features that it offers. It offers a flybridge which is suitable for seating up to 9 people for a fresh Mediterranean lunch. Chartering a yacht in Malta does not come much better than this, you have the ability to anchor in the heart of the Blue lagoon and you can go and enjoy a secluded bay with no one else in sight.

When it comes to accommodation, on this yacht, it has 3 cabins which allows up to 6 people to sleep comfortably.

Sunseeker Predator 57

Accommodates up to 10 Day Guests

An aggressive style, yet highly luxurious. Despite the yacht being very comfortable, it is designed to plough through the water with ample power and stability. With this boat, you can easily sail up to Sicily or surrounding locations, while being spoiled in absolute luxury. In 2017, the Predator 57, became an award-winning yacht.

The yacht is equipped with a large sun deck, seating area and interior saloon.

Sunseeker Predator 62

Accommodates up to 8 Day Guests

The perfect yacht charter in Malta. The Predator 62 has a similar aggressive design like the 57, but even on a larger scale. The 62-foot yacht is famous for offering the perfect combination of impeccable performance, speed and comfort. The boat offers large outside deck for sunbathing and a dining area for that ‘Al Fresco’ experience.

The yacht is equipped with a BBQ to grill fresh sea food, fridges to house the chilled crisp wine and a hydraulic platform that lowers down to 1 meter into the water. A yacht charter not to be missed.

Sunseeker 86
Sunseeker 86

Accommodates up to 12 Day Guests

Cut through the waves with this magnificent beast! The Sunseeker 86 is the top of the range yacht that offers an exquisite 26.6 metres of pure British luxury. This yacht is designed for the ultimate charter experience for any guests that wish to get the best experience while in Malta. The Sunseeker 86 can easily host a medium sized group and it boats an innovative exterior space and a highly luxurious interior design.  Due to its large size, this yacht is also ideal for over night and long stay charters.

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Sailing Yacht Charters in Malta

If you want to go to the further parts of the sea, you should go for this option. This will allow you to sail quietly to the middle of the sea as you enjoy the cool breeze and relaxing atmosphere. The atmosphere is ideal for business and casual needs. A sailing yacht is larger compared to a motor yacht and is also capable of offering more modern amenities. If you are planning to set up a business meeting, you will also be able to use the fully equipped office space where you can sign major deals on behalf of your company. You can learn more about these yachts here.

5 Best Sailing Yachts to Charter in Malta


Accommodates up to 6 Day Guests

Peaceful, reliable and easy to manoeuvre. The Vision 46 makes sailing the Maltese waters and effortless experience. It is designed for individuals that wish to remain on the yacht for a long period of time without sacrificing any luxuries. Despite not being one of the larger models, the Vision 46 has space for anything you need.

BAVARIA Nautitech 40

Accommodates up to 8 Day Guests

An Open Sailing Yacht which offers the perfect balance between lifestyle and performance. Between the two hulls, it has a trampoline which offers great sunbathing opportunities while being as close as you can possibly be to the water. In this new design, the deck saloon and cockpit lounge have been combined, offering a large open space.


Accommodates up to 6 Day Guests

This sailing yacht is renowned for its unbeatable level of interior comfort. However, this is not the only great feature. The Oceanis 55 is designed to offer an impeccable sailing experience for both experienced and first time sailors.  It can effortlessly glide through challenging waters giving you and your guests a smooth and relaxing sailing experience.

Oceanis 62

Accommodates up to 8 Day Guests

Best described as, Spectacular art on water. The large Oceanic 62 offers an elegant sailing experience in combination with a large exterior and interior spaces. The innovative layout of the yacht boasts a large hull, with the ability to sail through any waters in and out of Maltese waters.

hanse 588

Accommodates up to 6 Day Guests

This beautiful sailing boat is the combination of sport, elegant aesthetics, dynamic agility and a sophisticated design. The Hanse 588 is designed by the globally renowned yacht construction engineers, judel/vrolijk & co. It offers a high-performances when sailing at high speeds, while ensuring safety.

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