Your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality.

Equipping your home with high end furniture, tends exude a luxurious, sophisticated and comforting feeling. By combining quality interior design with high-end furniture you can turn any space into an elegant and luxurious ambiance. 

With that being said, the process of furnishing a home is no easy task, in fact its proven to be quite a nightmare for many. Buying the furniture is part of the investment of purchasing your home. The type of furniture you decide to opt for can dramatically change the way your household looks, selling/renting price while also determining for how long it lasts.

In this article, we will give a brief overview of what to consider when furnishing your home and highlight some of the best furniture stores in Malta.

4 Crucial Tips to Consider when buying Furniture

  • Measurements – This seems obvious at first, however, there are many people who do not manage to take measurements properly. The size of your interior will determine what type and style of furniture you can put in your home. If you do not have the original site plan, get a measuring tape and record your household measurements before you go shopping for furniture.
  • Quality over quantity – Furniture is not a product that you can replace easily or purchase every month. Thus, it is crucial that when you invest in your furniture, you go for quality materials. This is likely to end up being slightly more expensive, however, will reward you in the future with less breakages and maintenance costs.
  • Take your time – Buying furniture isn’t something you should do in a hurry. Invest time in seeing the right furniture stores and decide on which option is best for you. Avoid being impulsive and try to find the finest pieces within your budget.
  • Think long term – If you buy your furniture from the right place, it is likely to last you for some years. When purchasing, think in the long term so you would not need to replace within a couple of months/years. Take into consideration your ‘future plans’, whether you plan to have children, storage requirements and practicality.

Top Furniture Stores in Malta


Central Business District, Birkirkara

Quality, excellence and customer satisfaction, is the best way to present this furniture store. Fino was founded by Carmelo Fino and has been established since 1935 as a small workshop, providing furniture for the locals. Over the years, Fino grew immensely and is now one of the best furniture stores available in Malta.

Whether you are searching to furnish a residential or commercial property, Fino, provides a solution for every requirement. They strive for customer satisfaction by providing only high quality brands for furniture and an excellent service, before and after the purchase.

Nowadays, Fino is continuing to add prestigious brands to their portfolio and expand their workforce to ensure the optimum experience when shopping for furniture at Fino.


Mill Street, Qormi

One of the oldest and largest furniture stores in Malta. Joinwell was founded back in 1947 where it started by repairing doors and apertures that were damaged by the war. After some years, the founders started manufacturing furniture themselves and also started importing some of the best furniture brands from Europe.

In 2008, Joinwell moved to a 4000 square meter showroom in Qormi, with the objective to provide its clients with the ultimate enjoyable shopping experience. The striking modern design of the showroom is home to some of the most prestigious furniture brands and gives an insight into the world of Joinwell.

When at Joinwell, their consultants will assist you with designing and planning your home to perfection. They pride themselves with having friendly, professional and experienced personnel that will guide you in making the right choice when furnishing your home.


Valley Road, Msida

A family owned business with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and selling furniture. Domestica, is a furniture store with a simple philosophy when it comes to selling furniture, ‘furniture is a personal matter, and the people at Domestica take furniture personally.’

They strive to provide full satisfaction to their clients by giving their professional insight for buying the right furniture.

In previous years, the group focused solely on manufacturing high quality, tailor-made and durable furniture to its clients. However, by time, Domestica also started importing some of the most prestigious furniture brands.

Nowadays, Domestica imports the majority of its furniture from Berloni, an Italian high-end brand that had been working with the group for over 30 years. Apart from that, Domestica produces its own furniture for clients with specific needs.

The group received many awards from retail outlets, hotels and other entities for their personalised and tailor made furniture.

Living Concept

Msida Road, Birkirkara

A one stop furniture shop for all your home furnishing needs. The place where you can make a house feel like a warm home. At Living Concept, you can find quality and an unrivalled collection of furniture imported from Europe including a wide range of kitchens, living, bedrooms, flooring, loose furniture and much more.

The sales associates in the showroom are trained to give you the utmost satisfying experience, when it comes to choosing your furniture. They have ample experience in the sector and will suggest the best options in line with your vision.

At Living Concept, you can find prices ranging from moderate to high and the furniture selection includes both classic and modern styles. The company caters for high-end projects but also for small domestic requirements.

Style Furniture

Old Railway Road, Santa Venera

style furniture

“In a few words, sterling service and quality furniture” – client of Style Furniture

With over 50 years of experience in this industry, Style Furniture is renowned for its ability to understand the needs and wants of its clients.

Their commitment towards their clients helps them provide impeccable tailor-made products and services, in line with the client’s value for money, expectations and style while being considerate of the environment.

Style Furniture, has over fifteen years experience working with some of the best suppliers in the furniture industry in Europe.

Whether you are furnishing your property with the most exclusive furniture or just changing your kitchen, Style Furniture will strive to give you the best service, to help you plan and furnish your home, in the most efficient way.