Set Up A Virtual Office In Malta For Business Purposes

Set Up A Virtual Office in Malta For Business Purposes
Updated on
February 28, 2023

In the past few years, many new businesses have been setting up virtual offices in Malta, to the point that Malta is now gaining a strong reputation in the new industries. From multinationals to traditional business hubs and ranging all the way to cutting edge technological and pharmaceutical firms, this peaceful and sunny island is now attracting in worldwide attention and investments.

For modern business owners who are looking to incorporate a company in Malta, there is a strong demand for local workers who would handle the firm’s virtual offices in Malta. This solution can be markedly cost effective, since it’s possible to get the help of high quality office workers across many fields to adequately keep a business running and take care of customer inquiries from across the world.

In simple terms, setting up virtual offices in Malta involves the exact same process as setting up an office anywhere else in the world. Thanks to the modern technologies, we can now have a physical office operating from a reasonably inexpensive country like Malta, while providing a professional storefront that provides administrative services encompassing the entire world. You can have all the typical office facilities and technological assets ranging from call handling to digital marketing, bookkeeping, bank account management and beyond – all handled by highly professional and specialized teams that will work at a fraction of the cost to their counterparts in more expensive countries.

Setting up virtual offices in Malta simply means hiring a team of virtual assistants whose skills are quite real; we just use the term “virtual” since these teams often cater to businesses operating in other countries by using virtualization tools – which is to say computers.

Creating virtual offices in Malta effectively allows new business owners to put together a highly qualified team of workers who are able to operate at a fraction of the cost of setting up an actual office in other countries. This allows a drastic reduction of operational costs in all administrative tasks, making it feasible for new entrepreneurs to advance their businesses faster since they’re effectively backed up by a qualified team of office workers.

Since outsourcing and remote work are increasingly more widespread and acceptable in our modern worlds, setting up virtual offices in Malta is now a very common approach. Not only does it allow reducing operational costs, but it offers great flexibility as you can expand your business anywhere in the world while relying on your virtual offices to handle administrative work.

Typical services offered by virtual offices in Malta include:

  • Banking related services, including accounting and reconciliations
  • Fully functional dedicated post address in Malta that forwards all mail regularly to your regular office
  • Instant forwarding of e-mail and fax messages to the appropriate clients, collaborators and managers
  • Fully working call center that professionally answers all calls to your company with the appropriate trade name and script, then relays the message to any international phone number if needed.
  • Professional fax lines which are answered instantly and dispatched to your chosen e-mail address
  • Comprehensive website management including domain name and e-mails which can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Comprehensive secretarial and administrative services that work together with your worldwide teams
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