Planning Building Permits for Business in Malta

Planning Building Permits for Business in Malta
Updated on
February 28, 2023

The Planning Authority (PA) is responsible for environmental regulation and land use planning in Malta. This national agency was set up under the Development Planning Act (1992) and Environment Protection Act (2001) of Malta laws. Entrepreneurs should understand the regulation and building permits in Malta before establishing a structure for their business.

The body also implements the EU Environmental Acquis. It acts as the focal point for national and international environmental matters. Property owners can access land-related information and participate in making environmental decisions. Planning Authority states when a property owner needs building permits Malta.

When is a PA Permit Useful?

Planning licenses from Planning Authority relate to the kind of business you are carrying out. Various companies apply for different permits. The officials accept to change the current permits to new ones in case of an existing establishment. Building permits Malta covers factors like environmental issues, parking facilities, and security measures. When establishing a new company, you will need a permit if you are:

Venturing into new use for the premise, like from a garage to an office or a residence to a store.

  • Conducting structural modifications to the site including the facades
  • Changing building functions
  • Building a new premise like offices, factory, or a warehouse

For existing entities, the entrepreneurs will require the building permits Malta if they:

  • Deal with commercial waste
  • Create hazardous by-products
  • Manufacture chemical wastes

Make sure that you have the relevant building permits Malta if your firm impacts the environment through other pollution types, including:

  • Hazardous fumes such as sawdust, engine exhaust, toxic gas, and flour dust.
  • Light like area lighting and welding
  • Plant exhausts like engine fumes
  • The sound from noisy machines and sound systems

Where can you obtain information and help on permit application?

You can find the details on the procedure to follow when applying for the building permits Malta online. A certified architect should submit your documents online to the relevant department for filing and approval. Ensure that you talk to your building contractor before visiting the Planning Authority to have an idea of the process.

Work on raising the permit fees, street rates, environment fees, and sewer charges. The Development Planning Act and the Planning Authority highlights the requirements needed to qualify for the building permits Malta. Investors and insurance providers look for the permit before putting their finances into the investment. Make certain that you renew the licenses as specified by the building provisions in Malta.

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