4 Wellness Retreats in Malta That You Just Will Love

4 Wellness Retreats in Malta That You Just Will Love
Updated on
January 30, 2023

Lately, there has been an increase in awareness with regards to the well being of one’s body, mind and soul. Our island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, offers a relaxing atmosphere on its own, with its warm climate, clear waters and light and breezy air. However, for that something extra, wellness retreats around the island will help you focus on your overall wellbeing.

Looking for the perfect wellness retreats in Malta could end up being quite daunting if you are not sure where to look, so that’s where we come in. To help make your lives easier, we put together a list of the top wellness retreats in Malta and Gozo. So let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Sanya Eco Spa & Yoga Hub

Unlike your usual spa, Sanya Eco Spa & Yoga Hub in Naxxar, offers a more holistic approach to well-being.

Sanya offers a therapy-focused atmosphere rather than a beauty-focused one. Amongst their facilities, one finds:

Sanya also offer a wide variety of classes, specialising in different yoga techniques ranging from Hatha Yoga which is the traditional kind of yoga in its simplest form to Vinyasa classes which are more dynamic and challenging.

Amongst their facilities, one finds:

  • Thermal showers which aid in the body’s circulation
  • An indoor heated pool surrounded by a wall of green foliage which gives off a lush rainforest ambience
  • Two Jacuzzis to relieve any muscle tension
  • Eucalyptus Steam room to alleviate respiratory problems such as allergies and sinus issues

What also makes Sanya unique, is their Juice and Salad Bar offering organic detoxing juices and a plant-based menu – they don’t take care of your body from the outside only but also nourishing the inside as well. They also have a small garden on-site in which they home-grow mostly organic sprouts, herbs and microgreens to use in their salads which make the experience all the more natural.

Every now and then, they also organize wellness retreats abroad so if you’ve moved to Malta but wish to spend some time on a wellness retreats abroad, then keep up to date with their latest news by following Sanya’s Facebook Page here and website.

2. Amchara Health Retreat

Although the sister island of Gozo is a tranquil and idyllic place within itself, Amchara Health Retreat offers its visitors the perfect place to unwind and relax properly. Internationally known due to the fact that they have two locations available:

one in Somerset, UK and another one in L-Gharb, Gozo, Amchara offers an experience to detox both physically and mentally.

This wellness retreats in Gozo offers personalised experiences to their visitors including:

  • Personalised Detox and Health Programmes lead by experts and professionals in the field
  • Educational Talks
  • Personalised Juice or Water Fasting
  • Freshly prepared Health Food
  • Psychological Support
  • Exercise classes such as Yoga and Pilates
  • Daily Walks
  • Reflexology, Reiki and Swedish Massages
  • Aqua Meditation

As you can see from the above list, Amchara Health Retreat offers activities and facilities specific to anyone who wishes to change their physical and emotional well-being by taking the approach of a healthier lifestyle. It’s also the perfect place to unplug for a few days.

3. The Art of Touch

Also in Gozo, we find The Art of Touch situated at Aloha Studio in Kercem. Lead by Magdalena Jokiel, a qualified message therapist and instructor, The Art of Touch offers both massages and courses.

Magdalena, after attending a workshop by a Hawaiian instructor, specialised in Lomi Lomi Nui which is quite different from the traditional massages we see at other spas. This is because Lomi Lomi Nui combines hula dance, huma philosophy, meditation and breathing techniques together with gentle pressing and strokes.

The Art of Touch also offer:

  • Sound Massages to make their visitors more “in tune” with themselves and their environment
  • Holistic Physiotherapeutic Massage which combines various techniques to tackle various issues
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Messages

4. Ayurveda Heaven - Kempinski San Lawrenz

Situated within the luxurious Kempinski Hotel in San Lawrenz, Gozo, Ayurveda Heaven is one of the best wellness retreats on the island.

It offers its visitors authentic therapies focusing on the healing and rejuvenation perspective.

Treatments are all administered by professional therapists and are done in one of their seven traditional treatment rooms.

The spas treatments distinct from other spas since the beds on which one lays during treatments, are specially shaped wooden beds imported from India, known as ‘taila droni’ which means ‘oil vessel’.

Ayurdeva Heaven also offers the opportunity of discussing with a specialised Ayurveda consultant who puts together a tailor-made treatment course after consulting with each individual. Pre and post-treatment Skype consultations are also offered to Kempinski Hotel guests free of charge.

Their wide array of treatments include:

  • Massages and Therapies

Their massages and therapies tackle issues such as physical and mental stress, insomnia, migraines, arthritis, circulation, nervous disorders, tired feet, weight loss, neck and shoulder pain, spine issues and pregnancy aches and toxins amongst others.

  • Head and Face Treatments

These treatments tackle issues such as skin dullness, aging, headaches, migraines, sinusitis and allergies.

  • Miniature Treatments

Including messages of the head, neck, shoulder, back, legs and feet and treatment of conditions such as eczema and psoriasis with healing herbal paste.

They also offer Ayurveda retreats which are personalised to cater for every individual’s health and wellbeing. A consultant would recommend a course of treatments and therapies to tackle specific conditions and to make you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Retreats range from Rejuvenation, Relaxation and Skin-care focused therapies to those focused on Sinusitis & Migraine, Weight Loss and Spine Care focused therapies.  Each course contains:

  • Consultation with an Ayurveda Consultant
  • Personalised therapies
  • Special healing herbal teas
  • An intermediate Hatha Yoga session
  • Personalised lifestyle and nutrition chart
  • An Ayurveda food plan prepared by the consultant and cooked by an Ayurveda-specialised chef (ON REQUEST)

So, whichever issue you may have – related to the mind, body or spirit – the staff at Ayurveda Heaven at this wellness retreats in Gozo will help you transform into a healthier you and will also help you disconnect for a few days.

Then, if you feel slightly worn out and want to find a place which offers treatments and facilities more than just a simple spa, these wellness retreats in Malta and Gozo are designed to help you fulfil your wellness needs.

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