A Guide To Yoga Schools & Classes In Malta

A Guide To Yoga Schools & Classes In Malta
Updated on
January 30, 2023

Yoga is a group of practices and disciplines originating from ancient India. The purpose initially was to unite body and soul, but it has become much more than that over the years. Today, yoga is practiced by high level executives to image-conscious stars around the world. Even athletes are adding yoga to their training programs. The benefits of practicing yoga are not only spiritual, but also to develop a strong and flexible body.

There are many types of yoga, from physical intensive to more meditative. There is also a great deal of cross-over among various yoga schools and even a diversity in teaching approaches within each discipline. We recommend attending a few different types of classes to discover what suits your needs.

We’ve done the research for you and made a list of the top yoga schools and classes in Malta.


If you are looking for a school practicing many yoga disciplines, Freemyme is a great place to practice. With fully qualified and highly experienced teachers you will most certainly find both the yoga discipline and way of teaching you are looking for.

They offer classes in a modern way but at the same time staying true to the roots of traditional yoga. Try their Ashtanga class or one of their many Vinyasa Flow Classes. Different levels for both beginners and advanced yoga classes are available. Together with their welcoming atmosphere and strong sense of community makes this a great place to train.

You can read more about their classes and get a free session through their website. Even private yoga workouts are available. If you want to combine it with other workouts, they also offer Pilates, pole dancing and various strength training programs. More information about this and booking for classes can be found on their website: http://freemyme.com/

Last but not least, in January, 2019, Freemyme will be organising for the fourth time a 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. This will be held during the weekends and is suitable for anyone in Malta willing to  become a yoga teacher. For more information about the programme, kindly visit – http://www.yogaflowacademy.com/#home

New Humanity School

New Humanity Foundation is the largest conscious community organization in Maltese Islands offering various practices and events covering Kriya Yoga, Meditation classes, Satsangs, Workshops, Retreats and Teacher Training Courses. They have a lot of focus on Consciousness development and ways of discovering yourself through meditation, Self-Enquiry and meeting with Enlightened teacher Master Mindo.

Their Yoga classes consist of DeepFlow Vinyasa Yoga, Five Tibetan Rites, Pranayama and Kriya Yoga. Lyonne Sundari teaches in various locations and offer 1 free class as part of their packages.

Meditations and Satsangs are taught by Spiritual Master Mindo who is famous for his teachings about the Map of Spirituality and helping others to reach Non-Duality, Enlightenment and Full Consciousness. For more information please visit: http://www.MasterMindo.org

Lyonne Sundari is a founder of GoddessEssence bringing Empowerment to woman worldwide. She shares the essence of sacred Feminine and teaches about the Path of the Heart. For further information visit: http://www.GoddessEssence.org/

Both Master Mindo and Lyonne Sundari are also offering Private Sessions that include Energy Healing, Reiki, 7 Chakra Opening and Balancing, Kundalini Attunement, Initiations into the higher Levels of Consciousness, Spiritual Guidance, Crystal Healing and Emotional Freedom.

For more information kindly visit their website: https://www.NewHumanitySchool.com/

Claire Yoga Malta

Claire has been practicing yoga since 2000, and after feeling the joy and benefits, she obtained her Yoga Anatomy and Physiology Teacher Training Diploma in 2007. Furthermore, Claire also has a Yoga Alliance Certificate from the Yogananda School of Yoga where she studied Kriya Yoga and Meditation in 2013.

Her Yoga studio in Mosta caters for all the classes held, and you can practice from Monday to Friday. With her extensive experience you will always learn something new, keeping the sessions interesting and fun. Private and corporate sessions are also available on request.

Claire Yoga Malta also offer events. At the time of writing, the next event is held in Gozo on 8th November for a 3-day yoga retreat. Visit her website for more information here: http://claireyogamalta.com/

Rajadhiraja Yoga

Recently opened, Rajadhiraja Yoga offers a large variety of authentic spiritually focused yoga with emphasises on a healthy lifestyle. This is why you also find classes complimenting yoga such as meditation instruction, vegetarian cooking, yoga philosophy and therapy.

The teacher, Acarya Shubhacetanananda Avadhuta, is a yokik monk born in India. He provides authentic and spiritually focused yoga, but not only asanas (the physical poses) but also the seven other limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.

Another interesting thing about Rajadhiraja Yoga is their focus on serving the community. Various events are focused on bringing in funds to help charitable organisations. Further information about their yoga classes can be found on their website: http://rajadhirajayoga.org/

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