Chartering A Private Jet In Malta – Choosing The Right Aircraft

Chartering A Private Jet In Malta – Choosing The Right Aircraft
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January 26, 2023

If you are chartering a private jet for the first time, or you have previously chartered a jet in Malta before, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Choosing the right aircraft requires you to take your time analysing every detail so that you get everything right.

As a jet charter service provider, we will help customize the charter according to your needs. But at the same time it is always good to know what affects the final decision of your private jet charter.

First off, you need to think about your destination as well as how big the group is. The aircraft you choose should be able to accommodate everyone as well as their luggage comfortably. Any special requirements should also be looked into to ensure no passenger feels uncatered for. Ensure you plan ahead to avoid last minute rush that could affect your journey.

Size of the Plane

The plane’s size is an important aspect to look into as it needs to accommodate everyone. The size of the group will determine whether you’ll choose a small or big plane. The plane should be able to cater for older people as well as bigger passengers who might need two seats. Take your time to analyse the passengers, so no one feels cramped up in a small space.

Consider going for an aircraft with bigger seats and taller cabin heights to avoid any inconveniences. You should remember that even for a plane with bigger seats, it is not possible to squeeze one more passenger once the plane is filled to capacity.

The distance travelled also matters since, for short distances, you can easily go with a plane that has smaller seats. In case the flight is a long distance one, you need a bigger plane that can fly non-stop over a long distance.

Stopovers cost you more since you’ll need to pay ramp fees depending on how long the plane is packed at a specific airstrip. Besides, you are better off flying non-stop for long distance travel to reduce being exhausted.

Age of the Plane

The age of a plane determines amenities that will be available. Some older planes might not have bathrooms in them, and this can be a huge inconvenience. This is especially essential for long distance flights since passengers need to be as comfortable as possible. When chartering a private jet in Malta, ensure you choose one that has all the necessary amenities.

You could go for a smaller plane with no bathroom in case it is a short flight. Galley facilities and a kitchen are however essential for long trips. Ensure you choose a plane with reclinable chairs as sitting up for hours on end can be quite exhausting. If it is a business trip, consider planes with desks where individuals can get some work done. When chartering a private jet in Malta, you need to ensure that amenities available on board are in line with passenger requirements. You could also go for an older plane that has been refurbished to look newer with all the necessary amenities.

Special Requirements

Aside from accommodating passengers, the plane you charter should also be able to accommodate luggage. Looking into a planes cargo space when chartering a private jet in Malta ensures nothing is left behind due to lack of space. Larger items will require additional storage space, and you might need to charter a bigger plane. Aside from that, passengers should also be able to easily access their bags; especially those with personal items.

Luggage arrangement is important as it ensures everyone can access whatever they need. Remember to mention specific luggage needs as you prepare to charter a private jet in Malta. These details will be used to guarantee smooth boarding at the airport.

The destination of the aircraft also comes into play as the destination airport also needs to plan for your landing. The runway should be long enough for safe landing. The location of the landing strip determines the size of the plane you can charter. When chartering a private jet in Malta, the best aircraft for the job can only be settled on after careful considerations. All the small details such as catering, recuperation, as well as, entertainment determine the comfort of passengers.

Performance of the Plane

The performance of an aircraft determines whether passengers will have a comfortable flight or not. When Chartering a private jet in Malta ensure you look into all the plane performance details. For starters, find out if the speed will allow you to arrive at your destination in time.

Performance goes hand in hand with cost, and for this reason, you should tread carefully. Even though you should look for the best deal, ensure performance is not compromised. Sticking the perfect balance between performance and cost ensures you charter an affordable aircraft and get value for your money.


When it comes to Chartering a private jet in Malta, the cost is the final deciding factor. You need to ensure that you can afford the package you are going for. Private planes are usually billed by the hour; this means the speed of the plane also matters. Consider the time it will take you to get to your destination and all additional expenses. Aside from the hourly billing, you also need to think about landing fees and fuelling.

Not to forget landing fees is determined by the size of your plane and that you’ll also need to pay ramp fees in case of stopovers. Other minor expenses like federal tax, segment fees, catering and repositioning of the craft add up to the final cost.

You will also require international permits in case you are flying overseas. We can provide a comprehensive breakdown on cost so that you see what you can afford. When choosing to chartering a private jet with us, you don’t have to deal with all the paperwork and get excellent service in all aspects of your journey.


When Chartering a private jet in Malta, consider the details to ensure each passenger is catered for. Ensure you strike a perfect balance between performance and the cost for a comfortable flight.

We can help you decide on which aircraft suits your needs so you do not have to worry about any of the details.

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