Hire A Luxury Car In Malta

Hire A Luxury Car In Malta
Updated on
January 26, 2023

The perfect way to explore this beautiful island is to hire a luxury car with and to drive it on some well-chosen routes. The Maltese Islands are relatively small, so hiring a luxury car from anywhere, whether you arrive by sea or air, is nearby. We offer a fleet of the latest vehicles, including luxury models, such BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Maserati.

Our luxury car rental choices include luxury saloons, convertibles and sports cars. This means we can match families on holiday, business travellers and local customers with the perfect luxury car to suit your needs. Explore and experience the Island in comfort by hiring a luxury car hire in Malta.

How to Plan Your Tour Through Malta

As Malta is relatively small, it’s possible to see the whole island by covering some well-known driving routes in your hired luxury vehicle. These routes have good road surfaces. However, if you are looking to take alternative routes you have to take into consideration some bad roads not made for luxury cars.

Valetta to Rabat: The drive from Valetta, the Maltese capital, to Rabat includes several important historical sites. You may wish to include Hal Saflieni Hypogeum on this journey.

Gozo Island: It’s only a 12 km drive to cross Gozo island. You can choose whether to hire a separate car there or to take your mainland-hired vehicle with you by ferry. You can then drive from the port to the island’s capital, Victoria. Make sure to drive over to see the western side where previous famous Azure Window rock formations were located.

Mellieha to Ghadira: On the western side of the main island, this a scenic and enjoyable drive. You can view a beautiful valley and see famous sights like the ‘Popeye Village’ where the film ‘Popeye’ was filmed.

Points to Keep in Mind when Considering Luxury Car Hire in Malta

Driver’s licence

EU driving licenses are accepted, but they should be not less than one year old. Non-EU driving licenses which are written in Latin/Roman script are also generally accepted. Driving Licences which are written in non-Latin languages, such as Japanese, Urdu, Hindi, Korean or Russian, must have an International Drivers Permit. You may apply for this at the official office in your own country. Remember to apply within a reasonable amount of time before your trip.

Age Restrictions

Many companies reserve the right to apply certain age restrictions for drivers, in the interests of safety. Drivers must be aged between 21 and years 75. Drivers over 70 and under 75 must have a medical certificate stating their driving fitness. Certain luxury vehicles have minimum age restrictions, like over 21, over 23 or over 25 years. Drivers aged under 25 and over 70 must pay a surcharge.

Credit & Debit Card Payment

Rental payment for luxury car hire should be made only by credit card. Companies will not accept cash nor debit or prepaid card. Drivers should present photo ID when collecting the vehicle together with the credit card used for the booking as well.

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