Finding Affordable Flights - Top Tips

Finding Affordable Flights - Top Tips
Updated on
March 1, 2023

When planning a trip to Malta, one way you can reduce your expenses is to pay less for transportation. Malta is an island country, which means that the primary mode of accessing it is by air. Travellers have numerous options when it comes to picking affordable flights because various airlines service the destination. You will find some carriers that operate daily flights to the island while others schedule weekly or fortnightly trips. The frequency of flights in and out of Malta will also depend on the time of year. June to September, for example, is a high season, so airlines have more regular flights to Malta.

Flying Basics

The national carrier, Air Malta, offers, by far, the most regular flights to the island compared to other airlines. It also covers a lot of destinations in North Africa, Europe and the Middle East. For these reasons, it is one of the first places you should begin your search for affordable flights. With over 40 years of serving the region, Air Malta has a solid reputation that you can count on when travelling.

Learning about the main airports that connect to Malta is necessary to ease the booking process particularly if you will be getting a transfer. For destinations that are outside Europe, here are the major stops:

• Amsterdam Schiphol
• London Heathrow
• Frankfurt
• Paris Charles de Gaulle
• Munich

Knowing the estimated time of travel from the different airports helps also when planning your trip. You can see which cities to travel from, especially when you are connecting from outside Europe. The journey from Amsterdam and London takes 3 hours, Paris and Frankfurt are 2 ½ hours, Moscow is 4 hours, Dubai is 7 ½ hours, Istanbul is 3 ½ Hours and Rome is ½ hours.

How to Find Affordable Flights

When making travel arrangements, don’t settle for the first discount or promotion you come across. Use a comparison tool to see which airlines have the lowest rates.

Airlines are always giving out some deals or other like flash sales, discounts and promotions, which you can keep up with by subscribing to emails and newsletters. Some of these offers are limited, so a buyer has to act fast. You can end up paying very low rates at the last minute simply because you were ready when it came along.

Not every budget airline is the best when looking to save money on flights. You will find even large carriers like Air Malta and Ryanair offer less costly and more quality services than the budget alternatives.

Travel packages are enticing, but sometimes they can eat into your savings. Booking your flights separately affords you room to choose a suitable airline.

The timing of your flight booking matters also. Last minute travel plans tend to cost a lot more and booking too early may mean losing out on deals later on in the season.

With a little work and patience, you can enjoy some great prices on affordable flights to Malta and slash the cost of your trip significantly.

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