Doctors In Malta - Home Visits

Doctors In Malta - Home Visits
Updated on
February 13, 2023

In the event you need home visits from doctors in Malta there are a lot of options. This is useful when you are struck by a particularly severe illness or are otherwise physically unable to leave your home. There are three broad categories covering home visits.

Free Visit Covered by Public Healthcare

If you do not have private health insurance and cannot afford or do not want to pay for a private consultation, then the local health care will provide a consultation to your home for free. You can simply call your nearest free clinic, give them some details and your address and they’ll send someone out as soon as they can. This is particularly beneficial if you have an existing relationship with one of the doctors in Malta, as you will be treated by someone who is already familiar with your history. On the other hand, this is the option that is likely to result in the longest waiting time. The local clinics may find that they are short-staffed and may not be able to assist, even if it is urgent. Also, not every town and city has its own free clinic so there may be a delay due to travel times. However, there is never one too far so while there may be some travel delay it will never be too onerous.

Pharmacy Doctors in Malta - Callouts

Most pharmacies in Malta provide a callout service for around €10-€30 depending on the pharmacy and the medical issue. It is best to call the local pharmacies to check the prices and see what the availability is like. Always remember to check the callout charge before committing to a consultation. The advantages of the pharmacy callout service are that it is relatively cheap especially for a one-off issue and that it is usually faster than waiting for somebody from the free clinic to become available. On the other hand, each pharmacy will have its own schedule and so you may have to call a few before you find one that has anyone who can come and visit. Also, since pharmacies are run like traditional businesses they may not have anyone available during the evening or weekends.

Home Visit by Doctors in Malta - Covered by Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance in Malta, then there will be no issues in receiving a home visit from a doctor. The most popular private hospital in Malta is St James Hospital. There are two branches located on the island with coverage that extends everywhere. Their services are not limited to those who have health insurance, they can be hired by anyone. However, if you do not have insurance the cost cannot be reclaimed and it will certainly cost more than a doctor from a local pharmacy. On the positive side, if you are covered by private insurance then the visitation will not cost you anything. Additionally, it is likely that you will be able to receive care within a relatively short time frame at any time 7 days a week. However, if you do not have insurance then the visit can end up costing €50. Even if you do, you still need to be able to pay up front in cash before going through the process of claiming it back. Even successful claims can take a while to be processed, and being €50 out of pocket may not always be an option.


Regardless of your circumstances, a home visit from doctors in Malta is always an option worth considering. The country is famed for having some of the best health care in Europe, and no atter which option you choose you will receive excellent quality of treatment and care.

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