Best Medical Clinics & Private Doctors in Malta

Best Medical Clinics & Private Doctors in Malta
Updated on
February 1, 2024

If you are an expat in Malta looking for the right private medical clinic, you have several options to choose from ranging from, pharmacy and local clinics to private hospitals. Finding the suitable private medical clinic in Malta, depends on several factors, such as; severity of the treatment required, accessibility, comfort, pricing and service.

The Maltese healthcare system is one of the most respected in Europe and is home to some of the latest technological advances, designed to offer excellent medical care and an efficient service.

If you are employed as an expat in Malta, you are very likely to have access to private insurance, in which most medical services are covered by your insurance. When you visit a private clinic, you are likely to have to pay after your visit and then get reimbursed by your company.

In this article, we handpicked a number of private clinics in some of the most accessible locations, that we confidently recommend to you. Whatever treatment required, you can rest assured that you will be treated by the most professional doctors, greeted in a clean and comfortable environment and provided with a service tailor made for your requirements.

<h2-center>List of the Best Medical Clinics in Malta<h2-center>

<h3-center-line>Mobidoctor: Your Personal Telehealth Service in the EU<h3-center-line>

Mobidoctor is transforming healthcare delivery across the EU with its innovative telehealth platform. Emphasizing convenience, accessibility, and quality care, it offers a modern solution to medical consultations and support.

With Mobidoctor, you can forget the hassle of waiting rooms. Book appointments from anywhere, anytime between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., and connect with professional doctors through video consultations on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This service is not just about saving time and travel costs; it's about getting personalized care at your fingertips.

Key services include:

  • Easy Appointments: Set video and phone consultations as per your schedule.
  • On-Demand Prescriptions: Obtain prescriptions easily from your local pharmacy.
  • Complete Medical Support: Continuous assistance throughout your healthcare journey.

Mobidoctor ensures that medical advice, prescriptions, and referrals are just a tap away, making healthcare fast, convenient, and confidential. Dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals across the EU, Mobidoctor is more than a service - it's a commitment to improving lives through accessible, quality medical care.

Experience a new era of healthcare that's better, healthier, and happier with Mobidoctor.

Contact Details:


<h3-center-line>Medicaid Clinic<h3-center-line>

Gudja – South

A unique combination of a private clinic and a pharmacy.

Medicaid is a one stop shop for most health needs, be it a general check-up or even specific treatments. The clinic is a family run organisation and has been in operation for over 10 years. Having ample experience in the health industry, Medicaid, strives to provide the utmost service to its esteemed clients. Furthermore, they are constantly widening their range of services offered at the clinic.

Despite not having the most popular location amongst expats, Medicaid is often sought for its exceptional service, be it for the clinic or pharmacy. The pharmacy found at Medicaid, is no ordinary pharmacy, as it adopted a policy, that allows it to remain open in the later hours. This makes it much more accessible and reliable when needed.

Medicaid, is in the vicinity of the airport and is very accessible from the main roadways. The clinic is home to several Family Doctors on daily basis and you can also find medical specialists for ENT, heart problems, diabetes, orthopaedics and much more. 

Contact Details:



Telephone Number: +356  2767 6294  

<h3-center-line>Pjazza Medics<h3-center-line>

St Paul’s Bay – North

“The aim is to provide specialists, both of traditional and alternative medicine, so that we can care for our patients in a most comprehensive and holistic manner”.

You can find this modern clinic in the heart of Bugibba.Pjazza Medics is equipped with all the latest technological advances in order to give you the best experience possible when visiting a doctor. This private clinic is all about giving their customers what they need and more! Pjazza Medics welcomes all patients, whether you are old, young, local or foreign with the main objective being, to provide an all-round service ‘found under one roof’.This means that you can satisfy all your medical requirements at one place.

Pjazza Medics recruits renowned specialists that are passionate, professional and caring while respecting their patient’s privacy. Some of their main services include;

  • Blood Testing
  • Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology
  • DNA Testing
  • E.N.T
  • Food Intolerance Blood Testing
  • Naturopathy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology and Family Therapy
  • Therapeutic & Healing Massages

For all your medical needs in Bugibba and surrounding areas;

Contact Details:


Website:  Pjazza Medics Facebook Page

Telephone Number: +356 7975 2992

<h3-center-line>St Julian’s Dental and Medical Clinic<h3-center-line>

St Julian’s – Central

What started as a specialised dental clinic, now grew to an advanced and state of the art medical clinic providing and all-round service in healthcare.

The medical clinic is found in St Julian’s, and provides a large number of services ranging from Medical Aesthetics, Cardiology,Psychology, Dentistry and Physiotherapy. Whatever your medical need, you can find a professional to help you. St Julian’s Medical Clinic prides itself for providing exceptional personalised services with the utmost care, delicacy and comfort.

You will be treated in a new clinic, offering a beautiful and comforting environment for you to recover in. The medical team at St Julian’s Medical Clinic dedicate a paramount effort to fully understand their patient’s needs so that they can provide the optimum level of care. For all your medical needs in St Julian’s, visit St Julian’s Dental and Medical Clinic;

Contact Details:


Website:  St Julian's Medical Clinic

Telephone Number: +356  2766 0220

<h3-center-line>St Thomas Hospital<h3-center-line>

medical clinic

Qormi – Central

One of the most advanced hospitals you can find on the island.

The vibrant, St Thomas Hospital was recently launched and offers state of the art medical services and equipment. They are constantly investing in quality medical technology and this attracts some of the best doctors and surgeons available in the field.

The doctors at St Thomas Hospital, strive to understand their patients to the fullest, in order to provide the best service possible while being respectful, kind and professional.

4 key reasons why you should choose St Thomas Hospital are;

  1. Accessibility. St Thomas hospital is right in the centre of the island. It has a well-equipped radiology department which allows doctors to take X-rays, CT-scans, ultrasound and mammography and it’s operating theaters are equipped with the best medical technology. It has a large out-patients department which hosts a number of doctors and health care professionals from all specialities. 
  2. Get treated by the best doctors. One of their targets is to create the best working environment for doctors and surgeons. This attracts some of the most reputable professionals in the industry.
  3. Safety. All the medical equipment at the hospital follows international standards for medical safety and are equipped with blue chip medical equipment.
  4. Comfort. Specifically designed to aid with your recovery, reduce the ‘clinic feel’ and offer more of a hospitable, calm environment.

Furthermore, the hospital offers very precise screening technology that allows doctors to detect diseases at earlier stages. 

For your medical needs in Qormi and surrounding locations, look no further than St Thomas Hospital.

Contact Details:



Telephone Number: +356 2148 2482  

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