Medical Tourism in Malta - St James Hospital

Medical Tourism in Malta - St James Hospital
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February 13, 2023

Medical tourism in Malta is still relatively small, however, part of the Maltese private health sector, St James Hospital Group boasts, an outstanding reputation for its level of medical service and customer care. A person’s health is one of the most precious assets they have, and as such we believe our customers need a guaranteed and reliable host to trust with their health. Our service is delivered in accordance with international standards: performed by highly experienced and internationally qualified surgeons, and delivered in our state-of-the-art hospitals and facilities.

Individualised Customer Care

We are proud of taking great care in catering to each customer’s specific needs, and as such these needs are thoroughly and continually re-assessed throughout the process of your medical care to ensure we are providing you with the most appropriate and best possible treatment. You will be assigned a personal contact from our hospital team, who will be there to keep you fully informed at every step, and ensure your peace of mind.

The process of your care:

1. Initial Enquiry

All of our telephone and email enquiries are handled by experienced and fully trained staff. You can rest assured of a quick response to your enquiry, providing all the information you need. The hospital will then begin a file documenting your enquiry and any medical details provided, which will be passed to our team of doctors.

2. Initial Review

Based on the details provided at the initial enquiry stage, they will provide you with a proposal detailing the surgical intervention or treatment you require. This proposal will include information on investigations you may need before travelling to us for your procedure, suggested dates and information about the length of hospital stay required and an expected recovery period. St James Hospital will also provide information about local accommodation and expected follow-up treatment.

3. Consultation with a Surgeon

Once you have approved our proposal, they will assign you an experienced Surgeon specialising in the relevant area for your procedure, and send you details of their CV and experience to approve. Once you’re happy with your choice of surgeon, you may be asked for relevant photographs or additional medical notes to make sure the surgeon is fully informed about your medical condition. The surgeon will assess these and provide feedback to you, often via a phone call.

4. Booking and Confirmation

The hospital will make sure that you are completely happy with everything and go on to book the operation. At this stage, quotations and dates will be finalised.

5. Greeting at the Airport

Since medical tourism involves travelling abroad, the hospital wants to make sure all our customers are happy and safe on their arrival. They are happy to have a professional taxi service ready to greet you at the airport to take any worry or stress out of your arrival.

6. Meeting your medical team

Depending on your time of arrival in Malta, your appointment will generally be within a day of getting here. You will be introduced to your surgeon to discuss the medical procedure, have a final assessment and go through any questions you may have. Our staff will go through any pre-operative procedures with you so that you can feel informed and confident about your care.

7. The Operation

It is important to us that all our patients feel happy with their procedure and go into the operating theatre with complete peace of mind. Before your operation, you will be introduced to your post-operative care nurse who will then be a familiar face once your operation is completed. They will check that you understand all aspects of the procedure and answer any final questions.

8. Follow up treatments and Recovery

The hospital believes that a good recovery period is as essential as the initial operation or procedure. As such, at Saint James Hospital you will be provided with a stringent follow up treatment by our medical staff. Daily visits will be made by experienced carers and other staff such as physiotherapists to assist with your recovery whilst you are in hospital. After discharge, they will provide a further follow up appointment with your assigned surgeon, to assess how your recovery is going and the progress made.

9. After you leave St James Hospital

Continuing communication with our medical staff will give you further peace of mind after your discharge. St James Hospital will stay in contact to keep an eye on your recovery and can be contacted with any concerns you may have. Malta is a small island, and there are many accommodation options within a short distance of the hospital, meaning you are never far away if there are any concerns.

10. Final follow up and assessments

After you have returned home, they will contact you to ensure you are completely happy with the results of your medical procedure. They will offer you the opportunity to provide feedback about our service if you wish to do so, to make sure you are satisfied with your treatment, and in turn help us with fine tuning our service for future patients interested in medical tourism.

Further Information About Health Insurance in Malta

Visit the ALC Health Insurance resource page or contact them on:

Phone: +44 7500666877

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