Expats In Malta - Overview of the Maltese Employment Market

Expats In Malta - Overview of the Maltese Employment Market
Updated on
February 13, 2023

Malta has managed to avoid the volatility of the economic markets that have caused havoc in Southern Europe, which means that there are always a number of employment opportunities. The biggest opportunities to work are normally found in the high-end manufacturing, finance, commerce and tourism industries here, as well as some roles in the IT sector. An upcoming development is still under construction as well, entitled Smart City Malta. Here, Malta intend to have a regional base for software engineering, e-commerce and the rapidly expanding sector of iGaming .

Maltese Employment Market

A lot of people come to work in Malta either on a foreign assignment or as a transfer from their employer. However, if this is not how you have come to Malta and you are seeking employment, it is important to note that the labour market is small here, totalling about 170,00 people overall, and there are limitations for foreign applicants. For example, the public sector is almost impossible to gain employment in as most applicants are required to speak Maltese. Therefore, unless you have a background in a highly needed role or happen upon a specialist role that matches your capabilities, most of the job openings are found in business services or call centres.

Finding careers for expats in Malta just requires a little bit more time. If you are after a job that pays well and challenges you professionally, don’t come to the country on a tourist visa and hope to find the right role for you within three months as this simply won’t happen. However, if you are here just to experience Maltese life and the country’s charms, that method can work for you.

If you are after a career, there are a number of resources that are useful to look into. The most recommended ones to look into are EURES, Times of Malta, Careerjet Malta and Employment and Training Centre Malta. Muovo is also useful if you are looking solely for IT jobs.

What You Can Expect?

Some expats are disappointed when they come to learn of the salaries that you can expect in Malta, with these being lower than many other European countries. Wages tend to range from 15,000 Euros up to 21,000 Euros per year.
As with every other place in the world, salaries are higher for specialist and management roles, and foreign assignments. Despite this, the annual cost of living means that Malta is a comparatively affordable place to live. This was backed up by studies which show that the cost was noticeably lower than the EU average, even though it has been rising.

Still, if you are in it just for the money and a highly lucrative role, other destinations than Malta would be more suitable to your needs.

Average Work Week and Public Holidays

The standard working week in Malta has people doing 40 hours on average, with 48 hours being the legal maximum and the additional 8 hours being paid for as overtime. Standard working hours in in the private sector are generally between 08:00 or 08:30 until 17:00 or 17:30, although this is slightly different in a lot of public sector offices as employees tend to work half days during the summer months. Do bear in mind that this does not apply to expats though.

You will be legally entitled to 25 days of annual leave, and you’ll also get a day off for every public holiday that doesn’t fall on a weekend. Malta has a total of 14 public holidays, so you will benefit from additional leisure time on these days too!

You’re Not Just an Expat in Malta

The working conditions in Maltese companies are often welcoming for people. Due to the small size of the island, the business world is a tightly-knit community, which has its positives and negatives. You will be able to settle in very quickly as your employers and colleagues will treat you as a member of the family, not just a worker.

However, if you find a better opportunity elsewhere or simply don’t enjoy the job, the decision to leave will be taken somewhat personally by the employers, and it is likely that your old boss will know your future boss. It is an atmosphere that takes some getting used to for many expats in Malta.

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