Filing Corporate Income Tax in Malta

Filing Corporate Income Tax in Malta
Updated on
February 13, 2023

Income Tax Compliance in Malta

When it comes to income tax Malta has it’s own specific regulations. For starters, annual returns need to be filed either a) within the 9 month period that follows the offical end of the businesses’ fiscal year or b) March 31st (whichever comes first). Tax returns are sent directly to the Commissioner for Revenue in Malta or they can be filed online on their website and you’ll receive a receipt immediately. The Commisioner for Revenue website contains details on the different rights and obligations related to income tax returns in Malta.

Filing Corporate Tax Returns in Malta

The web page for The Commissioner for Revenue Services makes it easy for corporate entities in Malta to file their tax returns online. Companies that decide to file this way online are given a unique electronic key. This company specific e-return includes the names of all of the company’s directors and their shareholders as well as the entire income tax payments over the course of a year. This information is available in the Malta Registrar of Companies.

A series of verification checks are used to make sure that the e-return has no mistakes regarding calculations or legal aspects. The e-return, although submitted online, can be completed offline and need not be completed in one sitting.

Provisional tax in Malta

Aside from income tax Malta businesses are legally obligated to pay provisional tax in a year with income earned. This provisional tax is kept in an account prior to the company carrying out a self-assessment. The final tax amount must be paid before the same aforementioned deadline that also applies to the filing of the tax return. Tax payments can also be made online on the website for the Commissioner for Revue or through the company’s bank. Of course, businesses also have to make deductions for the national insurance contributions they make on their employees’ salaries.

Duties on Excise Goods

If the company deals with excise goods and services in Malta (that’s alcohol, tobacco, and oil) and their is suspended or unpaid duty, this needs to be authorized by the Customs Division in Malta.

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