Find A Job In Malta - Using Jobplus

Find A Job In Malta - Using Jobplus
Updated on
February 13, 2023

Apart from Croatians, EU Nationals can live and find a job in Malta. However, it is recommended that you contact Jobsplus before to moving to Malta to get acquainted with everything concerning working in the country. Also, you will learn about all the preparatory duties that need to be fulfilled for a smooth transition regarding jobs in Malta. As soon as a job seeker gets to Malta, they are allowed to register as unemployed with Jobsplus. There, they get an employment advisor who will offer assistance as they continue applying for a job. To find more about EURES, visit their website today.

Jobs Application Process

Jobsplus is responsible for processing employment applications (work permits) for third-country nationals who wish to find a job in Malta. Every person from a third country wishing to live and work in Malta is supposed to apply for a Single Permit at the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs.Any time an application gets through to Identity Malta, Jobsplus is tasked with providing assistance on labour market tests. The licenses are supposed to be applied by those looking for a job.

Jobsplus Services

Jobsplus helps job seekers get the appropriate job and offer guidance services as per an individual’s needs. Once you communicate with them for guidance, you get assigned an employment advisor as mentioned earlier. This person becomes your primary contact with the organisation.You will then get to meet with the advisor within 14 days to discuss the existing employment scenario, available options and to come up with a personal action plan (PAP). The first PAP session includes getting information on where to look for employment, any local training opportunities and any other Jobsplus services and initiatives you will get assisted in when applying for a job. A good example of these Jobsplus services includes a career test-mock interview.Apart from these services, they offer specialised Inclusive Employment Services that are specifically tailored for disabled persons, former drug addicts, former prison inmates and people living in poverty.

Employment Licences

From 30th April 2011, residents of EU, EEA/Switzerland together with their families are not required to possess an employment licence in order to work in Malta. However, those from the newer EU members need transitional agreements. Those living outside EEA/Switzerland require an employment licence subject to labour market considerations.

Vocational/ Career Advice

Once you register as an employed person, you immediately get vocational and career advice. Jobsplus arranges for personalised meetings with the potential jobseeker in order to understand their needs and preferred jobs and advise them accordingly.

Unemployment Benefits

Any unemployed person is entitled to several Social Security benefits. Whenever you register on the Part 1 Register on the Jobsplus site, an unemployment benefits application gets submitted indefinitely. Jobsplus then informs the Department of Social Security and proper arrangements regarding the social benefits and NI credits get prepared by the department. However, not every person who registers on Part 1 gets automatically eligible for these social benefits

Youth Guarantee Scheme

This scheme is tailored towards increasing employment levels of young people and avail labour market integration of the youth. The scheme gives information regarding a job search, tips, career tools, training programmes and online directs consultations with the psychologist.

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