List Of The Top Language Schools In Malta

List Of The Top Language Schools In Malta
Updated on
June 1, 2023

Learning a second language, especially the English language, is crucial in today’s global marketplace. Whether you are planning on relocating to Malta or solely a visit, the island offers ample possibilities to learn and master the English language. If you just arrived to Malta and plan on making a career in any area related to international sectors, be it in business, education, hospitality or any other sector, being able to speak the English language is a fundamental skill that you need to acquire. Not only will it qualify you for a position but more importantly improve the quality of your work environment and the enjoyment you take in daily communication.

With that being said, learning a language is no ‘walk in the park’. It requires ample work, practice and an excellent language school. In fact, without the right guidance, it can become quite daunting and time consuming to learn English fluently.

To make it easier for you with choosing the right language school in Malta, we created a list of recommended language schools in Malta that we work with.

<h2-center>List of the Top Language Schools in Malta<h2-center>

<h3-center-line>Sprachcaffe Malta<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: Pembroke<txt-center>

Are you looking for an immersive language learning experience while visiting Malta?Sprachcaffe Malta has been providing high-quality language courses to help students develop their language skills while enjoying the beauty of Malta. Here are some reasons why Sprachcaffe Malta is an excellent choice:

  • Location and Facilities: Sprachcaffe Malta is located next to the charming town of St. Julian's, offering a serene and relaxing environment for learning. The facility includes a large pool, lush gardens, a bar, and a restaurant, providing the perfect balance of education and relaxation.
  • Tailored Courses: The language school offers a wide range of courses, including standard, intensive, business, and academic options, as well as private lessons. Classes are conducted in small groups with a maximum of ten students, ensuring personalized attention from teachers and a focus on individual student needs.
  • Comfortable Accommodation Options: Students can choose to live with a host family, in a shared apartment, or in a studio. Living with a host family is a great way to immerse oneself in Maltese culture and practice language skills, while shared apartments and studios offer modern and comfortable living arrangements.
  • Accredited Quality: Sprachcaffe Malta is accredited by several local and international institutions, including ALTO, ASILS, the British Council, and WYSE. This recognition confirms the high standards of teaching and the quality of service provided by the school.
  • Exciting Excursions and Activities: The school offers a variety of activities and excursions, including guided tours, water sports, and beach volleyball. These opportunities allow students to explore Malta and its rich history and culture, enhancing the language learning experience.

In conclusion, Sprachcaffe Malta offers a unique and immersive language learning experience that combines education and relaxation. With a personalized approach, high-quality teaching, and accreditation from international institutions, it is an excellent choice for language learners of all levels.

Phone number: 00356-2137-3574
Adress: Sprachcaffe Languages Plus Alamein Road St. Julians, Pembroke PBK 1776, Malta
Email contact:

<h3-center-line>BELS Malta<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: St Pauls Bay<txt-center>

BELS operate two boutique English schools for adults in Malta and Gozo. Since opening in 1996, they have established themselves as a leading school which offers quality Business English and General English courses for adults.

Their schools stand out for their location, atmosphere and quality of tuition.  As an owner-run school, a welcoming community feeling is present at both centres. The BELS team members take pride in getting to know all their students to create a memorable, effective and personalised study-experience. A variety of courses are available for short-term or long-term learning requirements, with many students studying for extending periods or returning year after year.

BELS are the only school with year-round centres in both Malta and Gozo, each with their own distinctive character.

BELS Gozo is a traditional farmhouse in the rural village of Kerċem that has been converted into a modern school. It’s the ideal choice for students who would like to combine a learning experience with a relaxing break on a cultural, charming & peaceful island.

BELS Malta is a contemporary school in the bustling sea-side town of St. Paul’s Bay, offering a mixture of traditional culture, nature and entertainment places. This centre also offers programmes for young-learners and teenagers, which is ideal for families to learn at the same time, in the same building.

Both centres are highly accredited, having received local and international accreditation, licenses and awards. Courses offered are the same across both centres, making it possible for students to experience both islands throughout their time in Malta and Gozo.

Alongside a range of English courses, BELS also provide accommodation, airport transfers, and leisure programmes to complete your trip.

To get in touch, clients may do so on or visit the website for more information.

<h3-center-line>EEC-ITIS Malta Tourism & Languages<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: San Gwann<txt-center>

EEC-ITIS Malta Tourism & Languages Institute is a merger of a Tourism Institute and a Language Centre. The Institute is located in San Gwann, a central location, in the vicinity of most points of interest in Malta. EEC-ITIS is within walking distance of popular cities such as St Julian’s, Sliema and Gzira, which are surrounded with ample restaurants, money transfer facilities, entertainment and shops.

The Language Centre offers a wide selection of courses to choose from, be it for beginners and also advanced. The main area is English as a Foreign Language, including;

  • English for Executives
  • General English for adults, children and teens
  • Intensive English courses
  • One to One (Private tuition)
  • English courses for specific purposes
  • English + Practise Placements

The institute is committed to advance training and education in and for the industry. Their mission is to provide their students with the best opportunity possible to develop and grow their language skills required for their needs.

View more information at EEC-ITIS Malta Tourism & Languages.

<h3-center-line>ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SCHOOL<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: Sliema<txt-center>

Learn English with a Difference!

English Communication School supports and equips students with language tools to break down barriers in communication. They offer the ideal environment for studying English, combining high academic standards with a relaxed friendly atmosphere and a committed team. Individual attention is their hallmark and their aim is to provide students with a home away from home and to develop their English language proficiency in an environment which fosters a unique learning experience.

ECS was established in 1988. This boutique school is converted out of charming, typical Maltese townhouses in the heart of traditional and cosmopolitan Sliema, one of the top business, tourist and entertainment areas in Malta. They are situated in a quiet side street but just minutes away from the seafront promenade and just around the corner from all the quality shops, cafés, bars and restaurants that contribute to the special, vibrant ambiance of the city. A central courtyard with a mature garden acts as an area where their students love to relax and mingle with their schoolmates before and after lessons or during breaks.

They offer a range of quality English courses including General English, English Intensive and English for Specific Purposes. They also specialise in courses for families so that parents and children can take their respective lessons at the same time, providing a unique family bonding experience.

In the last year they have developed their portfolio aimed at meeting the requirements of business people and young professionals who want to enhance their English language skills to a higher level.

They also offer an excellent Study & Work Placement Internship Programme which allows students to study English at school and then practise English in a suitable work environment in all economic sectors in Malta such as Administration, Tourism, Industry, Finance and Engineering, to name but a few.

The school is ISO 9000 Certified and FELTOM Accredited, providing an added guarantee of quality assurance across all their services.

View more information at

<h3-center-line>English Language Academy<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: Gzira<txt-center>

English Language Academy (ELA) has been established since 1988. ELA is fully licensed by the Malta Department of Education and is an accredited founder member of the FELTOM (Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations, Malta).

What sets them apart in the local market is that they are a medium-sized school which operates like a small school. One of their core beliefs is that their students aren’t just customers, but that they’re part of the family. ELA’s ‘family’ atmosphere is extended to students as young as four and with no upper age limit.

This focus on holistic customer care enables them to maintain their reputation as a school with a heart, offering that special, personal service and is the reason they have some students returning to them this year for their fifth and sixth visit.

When placing students into classes, they keep their groups small and international, ensuring that everyone receives attention from their teacher and that the students get to meet people from all over the world, even during their activity programme which changes weekly and is available for all ages.

ELA offers a large variety of courses for all ages ranging from General English, known as ‘Everyday English’, Business English, Exam Preparation courses, as well as One-To-One Tuition courses such as Personalised General English and Personalised Special English.

As the only official and only TOEFL iBT Exam Centre in Malta, they are a school that has always had a good track record with international exam preparation courses. They employ a number of teachers who specialise in these courses, and offer TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge English exam preparation courses of the highest quality.

They pride themselves in the fact that all their teachers are always equipped to provide engaging lessons and are continuously on the cutting edge of academic standards.

For more information visit the English Language Academy.

<h3-center-line>Gateway School of English<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: San Gwann<txt-center>

Located in a quiet and elegant neighbourhood, yet a 15 minute walk to Malta’s vibrant hub for entertainment and points of interest. Their location was carefully handpicked from a list of locations, with the aim to offer a combination of security, social quality, low building zones, green zones and accessibility from important shopping centres. Apart from the location, the building itself was specifically designed to enhance the conditions of learning, by being equipped with some of the latest technology in their facilities. Apart from eight spacious and bright classrooms, you can find common social areas and plenty outdoor and indoor spaces for relaxation and activities.

At the facility you can find wireless internet throughout and workstations that you can utilise. Gateway School of English offers several English language courses, at different levels, commencing from beginners to advanced levels (up to level 6). Whether you are opting for an adult, family or junior course, you can choose to have group training or even one to one private tuition.  

Their main adult courses include;

  • General & intensive English courses
  • English for Business
  • Exam preparation courses
  • Professional English
  • Bildungsurlaub course for German clients

View more information at Gateway School of English

<h3-center-line>Inlingua Language School Malta<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: Sliema<txt-center>

“crossing language barriers, succinctly conveys exactly what inlingua is dedicated to achieving.”

Inlingua, a globally renowned language school with over 37 years of experience. Students from around the world decide to invest their tuition at inlingua language schools for multiple reasons;

    The majority of the time during class is focused on speaking. Practice makes perfect! Inlingua students are excellent communicators!Excellent central location in Sliema, Malta’s commercial and retail hub, connecting students to Valletta and all Malta has to offer!Excellent pathway programmes through IELTS and Cambridge Exams. Inlingua is Malta’s expert in helping students achieve their next step in their studies or careers. Inlingua Malta is a Cambridge Exam Center where students study and sit for their exam in one great location!Catering for all ages, inlingua has internationally developed materials for children (5-12), young adults and adults both in General English and Business English across all levels of the CEFR (A1-C2 level). Therefore we cater for all the family!Blended learning – students can opt for a combination of face-to-face school learning and supplement their course with online lessons which complement the course book and language aims.  Online lessons can also be booked after a course in order to continue to improve!

Inlingua Malta is committed to providing quality tuition through effective and successful language training, which is accessible to students from all over the world. Apart from Malta, inlingua have 309 language centres in 39 different countries, which means you can continue studying in any part of the world!

Testinmonial from one of inlingua’s students

My holidays in Malta were very good and Inlingua School was the best part of it. I had a great class so it was really comfortable to study. Special thanks to my teacher Fausto, because he is one of the best English teachers I’ve ever seen.

For more information visit inlingua Malta or join their Facebook community.

<h3-center-line>International House Malta<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: Swieqi<txt-center>

On the 1st January 2019, International House Malta celebrated seventeen years since it was affiliated to the International House World Organisation [IHWO].

IHWO is the pioneer of English language teaching.  Founded in 1953 it is now one of the largest groups of language schools in the world boasting a global network of 160 language schools in more than 50 countries with well over 200,000 taught by more than 5,800 teachers.

International House Malta are very proud of this heritage and despite their small size – a rather big advantage for most of their students who cherish the ‘family’ atmosphere where everyone is known by name – they offer all kinds of English language tuition, from beginners’ classes right up to exam preparation, business English and more.

They also run an exclusive, all-inclusive Young Learners Summer Programme at the Paradise Bay Resort, situated at the northern most part of the island.  Here they offer full immersion English language lessons together with a daily excursion and activities programme in the safest of environments with 24/7 supervision.

More details together with seasonal promotions, etc, can be found on their website or you can contact them directly on

<h3-center-line>Maltalingua School of English<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: St Julian’s<txt-center>

Voted the best language school in Malta 2018 by students, in the Swiss-based Education Stars Survey. Maltalingua School of English is accredited by EAQUALS and has also been awarded 11 out of 12 points of excellence, which makes it one of the highest accredited language schools on an international level. Maltalingua offers ample opportunities for you to learn English, can accommodate most requests and continues to give students the individual attention they deserve.

Located in St Julian’s, the language school is situated in a renovated historic building overlooking the famous beach. Furthermore, it is in the heart of some of Malta’s top places for entertainment. The classrooms within the school are modern, offering free Wi-Fi and there is large terrace and rooftop swimming pool as the main social focal point.  Maltalingua offers many activities and social excursions to its students, but their key strengths lie in providing high quality English language courses. It is the only English-owned and British run language school in Malta and it strives to maintain the highest standards for international academia.

Some of their courses include;

  • Standard General and Business English course
  • Intensive English Business English ‘crash’ courses
  • Private tuition

View more information at Maltalingua School of English and get your free quotation with no obligation.

<h3-center-line>SEAL Malta<h3-center-line>

<txt-center>Location: Xewkija, Gozo<txt-center>

Located in one of Gozo’s oldest villages, Xewkija, you can find a newly open language school that not only offers excellent language courses, but a unique Maltese experience to cherish for your life. SEAL strives to provide the optimum learning environment for their students in terms of comfort, quality of tutors and accessibility.

At SEAL language school you have the possibility to opt for dedicated individual tuition or group courses. You can find a number of courses to choose from, depending on your requirements. Some of the main courses include;

  • Vocabulary & Pronunciation
  • Business English
  • Aviation English
  • Finance and Banking English
  • Maritime English
  • Human Resources English

Apart from the English courses, SEAL Malta also offers accommodation for their esteemed clients. Most rooms come with beautiful views of the Gozitan landscape and breakfast.

For more information visit SEAL Malta. You can also contact them via or +365 99057027

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