Tips For Students Coming To Study In Malta

Tips For Students Coming To Study In Malta
Updated on
February 13, 2023

Preparing To Travel

To study in Malta and leaning English is such an exciting experience, as it is such a fascinating island with beautiful scenery and exciting lifestyle. With that being said, you must allow enough time before you start your journey to check that you have all the relevant paperwork. If you need a visa to study in Malta, apply for one well ahead of your visit to allow for any delays and check that it will cover the entire time you expect to be in Malta. You will still need clear identification even if you are from the Schengen Area of the European Union. Ensure that your passport photograph and details are up to date. Photocopying the data in your passport and keeping it in a separate place can be invaluable if you should ever happen to lose your passport.

Insurance And Healthcare

It is important to make arrangements for appropriate travel insurance to protect you for the length of time you will study in Malta. Apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you are entitled to one as it allows you to receive state funded healthcare if ever you unexpectedly become ill or are involved in an accident. You should also have a letter from the school or college you are due to attend confirming that you have been offered a place and make a note of their contact details. If you have any particular requirements because of a disability or medical condition, inform your school in advance of your arrival to study in Malta to allow time for the appropriate arrangements to be made.

Staying In Touch

When you leave home to study in Malta, ensure that you have given details such as the telephone numbers and addresses of your school and accommodation to your family and friends so that you can be contacted quickly in an emergency. Remember to stay in regular contact with phone calls or e-mails to let everyone know that you are safe and enjoying yourself while you study in Malta.

Keeping Yourself Safe

While you study in Malta, you are sure to have some leisure time to enjoy exploring the islands and the beautiful surroundings. Malta has a reputation for being relatively crime free, but it is still best not to take risks. Never try to save money by hitchhiking. Always use public transport or any that has been provided by your school. When travelling by taxi, only use those that have been pre-booked from reputable, licensed companies. After dark, avoid lonely areas such as the beach or wandering through districts that are unfamiliar. Using your common sense in every situation should enable you to still have fun while you study in Malta without putting yourself at risk.

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