Learning English in Malta - A Guide For Students

Learning English in Malta - A Guide For Students
Updated on
February 13, 2023

Malta is a stunning, welcoming place for all ages to learn English, to enjoy a holiday and also put into practice what is being learned in the classroom. Learning English in Malta is a true adventure.

The Benefits of Learning English in Malta

Malta is a terrific place to learn English. Not only does it have the resources to teach the language, but the island is a beautiful place to learn with plenty of places to visit and things to see and do between lessons, as testified by the million plus visitors to Malta every year.

Why choose Malta to learn English?

Apart from the United Kingdom, Malta is the only other country in Europe to have English as an official language. Alongside Maltese, English is a native tongue and is spoken by most. That is a great advantage, but Malta also has the whole package; it is a cosmopolitan island with a laidback lifestyle; a lovely Mediterranean climate; 6,000 years of history; it is small, so distances do not create an issue; and it is known for being safe.

Malta's English Language Schools

Thanks to the advantages outlined above, there are 40+ English language schools in Malta; a huge concentration given the size of the island. Most of the schools are open throughout the year while some only operate in the summer period, which is also the island's busiest time. Teachers in the schools are qualified, native speakers with students in small classes to enable close teacher/student interaction and a quality, personal service.

Some of the Maltese English language schools belong to a world-wide network of language schools.

Language Courses Available

English classes are available to cover the widest level of student requirements. Courses are available for most levels of proficiency and for all ages; kids programs are available, as well classes for the over 50s, and teenagers. There are courses with a specific focus such as English business language, or academic English. Some schools also offer private lessons.

Franco E. De Bono from the Executive Training Institute of Malta explains the view of language schools on Malta as follows "English has been established as the international language for communication, giving rise to an increasing necessity to learn the language in many different spheres. Today Malta has diversified from the traditional EFL (English as a Foreign Language) market into niche markets, such as in the provision of quality language training for adults and professionals, including Aviation English. Furthermore, Malta provides the ideal environment for full-immersion language training programmes throughout the whole year."

Where to Stay When Learning English in Malta

Thanks to it being a holiday destination, there is a good variety of accommodation types on Malta, including, shared apartments, student hotels and hostels, and staying with a host family. This latter option gives the student the experience of family life and also, the excellent opportunity to practice the English being learned in class.

Other residential options are usually very well facilitated with a restaurant or café, maybe a bar, and laundry facilities, while many offer indoor or outdoor pool (or both), fitness facilities, and spa type facilities such as a Jacuzzi or sauna.

The most popular area for learning English in Malta is Sliema-St. Julians, which is also the islands top tourist area with excellent shopping, dining, and nightlife. Within St. Julians, it is the small district of Paceville which is most attention grabbing. As well as a good selection of language schools and accommodation, there is a multitude of options for entertainment like bars, restaurants, casinos, cinemas, tenpin bowling alleys, and health spas, and there's also a number of lovely beaches, both sandy and rocky. For those who prefer a more sedate atmosphere for learning, there are also a small number of language schools off Malta's beaten track.

Things to see and do in Malta

Some of the schools offer a complete package which bundles up airport transfers, accommodation and out-of-class activities. If your school doesn't have organised activities, it is still easy to find plenty to see and do in Malta. There is no chance of being bored between classes.

As an island, Malta has some gorgeous beaches just for lazing on, going over your lessons, or for trying your hand at various water sports, such as diving or snorkelling in the crystal-clear sea. History buffs will find lots of interest in the fascinating churches, the megalithic temples, and even Greek myth. And if you just want to relax and take it easy, the locals are really friendly.

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