Learn A New Language - Top Tips To Make Learning Fun!

Learn A New Language - Top Tips To Make Learning Fun!
Updated on
February 13, 2023

Whether you’re planning on traveling abroad, be able to communicate with foreign in-laws, or simply want to learn German, French or Italian for the fun of it, you’ll find some of the best tips here.

Take a Class

One of the best tips to master a language of your choice is to enroll in a class. Under the guidance of a teacher, you will have the advantage of a syllabus and progress at a steady pace. In addition to a teacher, you’ll have fellow students to interact with and it won’t be long before you get acquainted and make friends.

Practice at Home

Don’t limit yourself to a classroom to learn. You can give yourself an advantage by watching movies or television shows in the language of your choice. If your TV has the option of subtitles, turn on this feature, that way you can listen to what is being said and read the translation at the same time. It also helps to buy a book, a magazine or a dictionary.

Use Technology

If you’re not a fan of books, your phone or computer can help you by downloading a translation app. You say a word or sentence in English and then it’s up to you to memorize the translation. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of your computer. There are a number of websites that teach Italian, Spanish, French, etc. There are also podcasts where you can learn or YouTube videos with step by step instructions.

Talk to the Locals

If you don’t have the time or the desire to sit in a classroom, you don't want to buy books or interact with a website and you just wanted to take the plunge, travel to the country of your choice and talk to the locals. By hearing them speak, reading the words in shops and restaurants, and being forced to converse you’ll soon catch on. Chances are the people will try to make it easy for you and speak English, in which case you should tell them that you are trying to learn a new language. You’ll be surprised how pleased they will be and how much they will be willing to help you.

Find a Partner

Whether you’re in a foreign country or still in your hometown, try to find a native who is willing to help you on a one-on-one basis. Get a dictionary and start by learning simple words. With this partner, you can practice the correct pronunciation of those words and in due time move on to sentence structure.These are just a few of the best tips to learn a new language but remember not to expect too much too soon and not to get discouraged. Some learn easier than others and mastering anything new takes time.

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