Learn English In Malta - Top Reasons Why

Learn English In Malta - Top Reasons Why
Updated on
February 13, 2023

Our modern world demands that to achieve success you need to be able to speak English. English is very much the dominant language internationally and so, to be able to communicate with citizens around the world students need to add this skill to their CV. Luckily, it is easy to learn English in Malta, thanks to the island's diverse culture and great skills. Read on to find out why the Maltese island is a great place to learn English.

English is spoken throughout the Island

Despite its location between Italy and Tunisia, the Maltese island has a lot of British influence in its history. For instance, it was part of the British empire for over 150 years, only achieving independence in 1968. As a result of this influence, the island has two official spoken languages, Maltese and English with 90% of locals speaking English. This provides the perfect opportunity to soak up the language and practice your English skills whilst also benefiting from the beautiful weather that the nation has to offer.

Rich culture

Malta is a prime holiday location, with glorious beaches and sumptuous weather it attracts visitors from all over the world. This creates a melting pot of lots of different cultures right on your doorstep. There is no better way to cement your learning of another language than to use it when speaking to others from around the world. Not only can you make friends and learn about other cultures, but you can achieve fluency in the English language.

Job Opportunities

The unemployment rate is low on the island when compared to the rest of the European Union. As such, it should be easy when you come to the island to find a job to help subsidise your study and help you pay your way on the island. Most jobs require that you are able to speak fluent English, offering more opportunities to practice and become an expert in the language.

Plenty of education opportunities

The island is home to many schools specialising in the teaching of the English language. Indeed, the island offers over 40 schools all offering various courses to match numerous requirements. These schools offer a formal way of learning the language and are excellent at helping learners cement what the knowledge that they will pick up just from immersing themselves in Maltese culture. Many of the schools also believe that learning can be fun, and so offer excursions and activities to help you improve your language skills in a playful way.

Exquisite Cuisine

Malta offers food from around the world, so even students away from home should be able to find something to eat that makes them feel less homesick. You could also take the opportunity to try food from different cultures, including English food. Immersing yourself fully into the English culture by eating some of the most typical food will help you improve your language skills. We really hope you enjoy your trip to learn English in Malta.

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