Learn English Online in Malta | Overview of Top Courses

Learn English Online in Malta | Overview of Top Courses
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January 23, 2023

Malta has grown to become an English learning hotspot for many English language students from different parts of the world. Malta is gifted with picteresque clear waters, beautiful sandy beaches and a friendly atmosphere. But that is not only why thousands of visitors come to Malta, in fact, many individuals come to learn the English Language. English being the most spoken language in the world, is the most popular choice when people want to learn a second language. It comes in handy when seeking employment, opening a company overseas, attending one of the universities in Malta or simply travelling for a holiday. 

You are probably wondering, what is the best way to learn English in Malta? Attending a physical lesson at a language school is a viable option, but you might not always have the means of transport or just pursuing a different, more flexible learning method. The internet, is filled with tons of learning resources and opportunities, which you can do from the comfort of any location. Learning English online, gives you a chance to learn the language anywhere, either while you are relaxing on the beach, sitting on your couch or even while travelling with the bus. There are many other ways to learn English without having to go through the classroom formalities.

What makes Malta a spectecular destination to learn English, is that it is a truly international country, in which,most of the locals are fluently bilingual. This helps you learn the language faster and you would have the opportunity to practise with others. 

Physical vs. Online Education

There are many reputable language schools in Malta where you can learn English and other languages. Students just need to enroll and start attending a language course in the usual school environment. However, because of some limitations or preferences, some learners opt to learn a language online and/or using an app, instead of attending a physical class.

Online courses are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Many learners are choosing to enroll more on e-learning classes, especially college students. 

Advantages of Online Language Learning


You can acces the language course from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. You have the opportunity to brush up on your English or Maltese during your lunch break, learn some Spanish before going out on a morning jog or touch up on your German late in the night without feeling constrained by a rigorous schedule. These courses also offer mobile solutions on-the-go, enabling you to finish your coursework without necessarily travelling to a physical class.

2. Less Expensive

The rapid growth of the internet has made learning English online or any other foreign language more accessible. People from all over the world can now easily converse with each other. It is now possible to learn any language you feel like whether English, Maltese, Italian, French or German.

However, an even bigger advantage that has made learning English online more accessible, is the decreased cost of learning, as a result of the growth of the internet. Learners now have access to a wide range of online learning resources and foreign language apps. Many of these resources are very affordable, often with free trials. You can also reach out to online tutors for a fraction of the cost compared if you were to receive the services from a person-to-person tutor at a physical location.

3. Efficient and Convenient

Gone are the days when you have to book a language learning class. These days you just need to interact with your online tutor to learn English or any other language from the comfort of your home. Learning English online is far more convenient. This gives you so much power. When you learn English online, you have the power to set and allocate times how you deem best. No more marching to the traditional language tutor’s beat. It is upon you to slot some time to learn online into your busy schedule. Learn any language you want to on the go on different apps and access tons of online tutors.

Top Language Schools to Learn English Online

GSE - Gateway School of English

If you might not be able to travel to Malta or you once attended a course in Malta and you wish to further your English language studies, GSE is the school for you. The school offers both group and individual tuition. There are group courses available ranging from Beginner to Advanced. These groups comprise of mixed nationalities. Learners also have the chance of choosing a teacher for individual/private tuition if you like the style of a particular teacher during your time in Malta.

The timetables for such tuition programmes are flexible and can be tailored to suit your availability. However, timetables for group courses are fixed. The school also offers courses for all ages, including General, Business and Private Tuition for adults; Children of 4 to 10 years and Teenagers of 11 to 17 years. There are also exam preparation courses like IELTS for group or individual tuition.

View website: Gateway School of English

Link School of English

Learners who wish to join Link School of English to learn English online will have access to a broad range of learning resources and support. These lessons happen in a virtual setting that is equipped with a white-board. You can also see and hear the teacher and other learners as well. The lesson materials and resources are prepared by your teacher.

There are also English games to help you improve your vocabulary and grammar. There are also links connecting you to the best encyclopedias, thesauruses and dictionaries. There are also links to suggested sites, recommended by their Academic team. These are real resources designed to help you improve your English.

Their standard lesson runs for an hour. All you need to do to learn English online is a computer, microphone and headset. Learning English online is fully flexible, designed to suit your needs and requirements at the comfort of your home.

Visit website: Link School of English

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