Enrollment of Erasmus in Malta at the University of Malta

Enrollment of Erasmus in Malta at the University of Malta
Updated on
February 13, 2023

The acronym ERASMUS represents the European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. The program got its name after the theologian, philosopher, and humanist whose name was Erasmus. He worked and lived in numerous countries across Europe. The reason for his various travels was that he was in search of experience, knowledge, and insights. Contact with other nations was the perfect way to bring about insight, experience, and education. Discover how to do an Erasmus in Malta.

Orientation Sessions for the year 2017/18

  • The first semester begins 22 September 2017
  • Second-semester orientation starts on 2 February 2018

How Does One Enroll?

Step 1- Home University nomination for the Erasmus in Malta program

You require verification of the Mutual Agreement between the University of Malta and your home university in the discipline you desire to study. Your home university requires to nominate you in the area of study you choose within the required deadlines. Your university coordinator then needs to send UoM international office an official e-mail in English.

Step 2 – Application Documents

Once you pass the nomination in your home university, you need to send the following documents:

  • Registration Form: Students access the registration form online via a link sent by the ERASMUS international office upon receiving your nomination from the coordinator in your home university.
  • Health Forms
  • General (not for Medical & Surgery, Pharmacy, and Health Science students).
  • Medical & Surgery, and Pharmacy students.
  • School of Health Sciences scholars.
  • Your identity card/ passport photocopy.
  • A copy of the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).
  • A copy of your Health and Travel Insurance: It is a requirement for students to submit their Health and travel Insurance copies. The copies include items the EHIC does not cover. The items include personal belongings, evacuation, health services, and deportation. It is essential for students to ensure they have the right insurance cover, which will cater for their entire period of mobility in Malta.
  • The Online Linguistic Support official document, which shows your English level as a student. It is a requirement for students to have a perfect command of English, write their assignments in English, and follow lectures in English. A student requires a B2 level pass in OLS. Students, who choose to study English Department units, need an English language level of C1.Learning+ Erasmus Agreement – Upon arriving at UoM, you need to pick your provisional modules and submit your Erasmus and Learning Agreement at the Universal Office to your corresponding institutional Erasmus Manager. You can access details of various study units on this site: http://www.um.edu.mt/courses/ . The learning Agreement and Erasmus should have approval from your home university coordinator. It should receive consent from the Departmental and Erasmus Coordinators at UoM. You should indicate your English level in the learning and Erasmus agreement on the students’ language competence section.
  • School of Health Sciences– A certificate of conduct from the police- In accordance to the Paragraph 2, Regulation 81 of the University Undergraduate Awards, General Regulations 2004, students in the school of Health Sciences require to present a certificate of Conduct from the police. The certificate has to be recent at least a month old. It has to accompany the other registration documents. The certification is essential for admission. If there are any changes for students in their Malta mobility and Erasmus program, students need to submit an up to date conduct certificate from the police.

All these documents should be sent to erasmus@um.edu.mt as scanned documents in e-mail form.

Step 3 - Confirmation

Acceptance of students' depends on the required forms you fill in the list above. Acceptance also depends on the International Office approval. Upon approval, the International Office sends an official acceptance letter with other information. Once you receive the acceptance letter, ensure you make relevant travel and accommodation arrangements. Upon confirmation of travel and accommodation arrangements, you need to send the information via e-mail to your respective Erasmus institutional coordinator at the universal office.

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