The Maltese Education System

The Maltese Education System
Updated on
January 25, 2023

is second to none …

Malta was a colony of the British Empire for over 150 years, and one of the British legacies that still linger among the Maltese population is English as a natural second language and a solid education system, that has sustained and enabled the Maltese to build a knowledge based economy that has propelled the Islands as the best performing in the European Union.

Whilst there is a wide choice of school systems from kindergarten to post secondary level, Malta relied on one University of Malta to cater for the higher education needs of the population. Whilst this was deemed to be adequate for most of the last century, where Universities catered mostly for the professions, the widening of fields of studies at higher education in Europe, prompted the Government of Malta to legislate towards the establishment of other higher education institutions to buttress the economic needs of the nation, as well as try to accelerate the quantity and quality of graduates as a percentage of the labour force, in order to get away from the bottom positions in the EU scale.

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Setting up a University thatreaches towards international standards

Standing tall among world ranking Universities

Setting up a higher education institution from scratch is no mean feat, especially if thevision is to build a quality institution that will be involved in research andteaching.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a licensed higher education institution by the National Commission for Further & Higher Education (NCFHE) and a Recognised Teaching Centre by the University of London.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education chose to join the world renowned University of London network, specifically to be able to learn what it takes to build a quality institution. The University of London is one of the world’s benchmark Universities, not only because of its teaching a research through its seventeen member colleges, but also because it was the very first University ever to open up its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to students who were unable to attend classes in London. Individuals who were spread all across the British Empire, were given the chance to study for University of London degrees and sit for exams prepared by the examining boards in London in the Country of residence.

The early years of the University of London

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a recognised teaching institution for the University of London in Malta, and has been involved in teaching students to sit for University of London examinations since the year 2000.

The Institute enjoys a reputation of excellence among the Maltese population, including the many expatriate families that find Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education an excellent opportunity for their children to read for a world renowned degree awarded by the University of London, whilst their children can continue to live with their families and enjoy the support and safety that the presence of families provide. This also means that such expatriate students will pay a fraction of the tuition fees that they will be charged if they were to attend for the same degree at one of the colleges of the University in London.

The University of London

Tuition Fees

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education uniquely offers expatriate non-EU citizens the opportunity to pay the same tuition fees as their EU colleagues when their children are under the protection of their family residence permits.

A full degree conferred by the University of London studied at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education over three years is of €23,675 (twenty three thousand six hundred and seventy five Euro) or €7,890 for each year of tuition.

What is of great interest to Students (or their parent/guardian) is that they are also eligible to benefit from a €16,000 Income Tax Rebate on the tuition fees paid at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, under the GetQualified scheme. A tax rebate of €16,000 means that the effective net cost is of of €7,675.

And the price advantage is clear when comparing to the State Institutions in Malta or the University of London member colleges in London, that charge substantially higher tuition fees.

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The Benefits of Joining theUniversity of London worldclass at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education offers even more benefits, that other Institutions in Malta do not offer;

The number of students in each class is no more than 30 students, thus giving a uniquely personalised education according to each student’s needs;
Students who do not have English as their natural language, are assisted throughout the three year study programme with the intention of improving on their verbal and writing skills through weekly classes in mastering English;
Every student receives personalised feedback on at least 10 substantial pieces of work during each academic year, including examination scripts;
Lectures are organised between Monday and Thursday and possibly contiguously, thus limiting waste of time in ‘wasted’ free lessons throughout the day;
Possibility of a paid internship with top firms in Malta & Erasmus+ trainee ships Overseas; Learn More About Internships with PwC (Malta) Click Here
The option to read and graduate for a degree awarded by the University of London whilst studying at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education;
The possibility (based on the performance of the student) to transfer the final year of studies to the lead college in the UK.

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Admissions Criteria

Saint Martin’s Institute admissions criteria for any of its programmes are:

must be aged 16 years by April 30th of the year joining the programme;

must possess a minimum of four ordinary levels at SEC or equivalent, including Mathematics & English (note that for the Diploma in Finance and Diploma in Management & Leadership, students must possess a minimum of six ordinary levels);

must have a valid residence permit to reside in Malta. (Those who need our papers to attain their student residence permit will pay an additional €1,500 and they will attain a one year residence permit renewed every year for the duration of the degree programme).

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BSc (Hons) & Diploma Programmes

Tailored for the requirements of local and international employers

Saint Martin’s Institute of HigherEducation offers students the possibility to read for the following degrees;

Commerce — EQF/MQF Level 6 (two years)

BSc (Hons)Accounting & Finance*;
BSc (Hons) Banking & Finance*;
BSc (Hons) Business & Management*;
BSc (Hons) Business Administration with Human Resources Management*;
BSc (Hons) Business Administration with International Business*;
BSc (Hons) Business Administration with Marketing*.

*signifies that students may read for a University of London degree in parallel

Commerce-EQF/MQF Level 5 (one year)

Diploma inEntrepreneurship;
Diploma in Finance;
Diploma in Management & Leadership.

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Computing-EQF/MQF Level 6 (twoyears)

BSc (Hons)Computing*;
BSc (Hons) Computing & Finance;
BSc (Hons) Computing with Games Design & Development*;
BSc (Hons) Computing with Information Systems;
BSc (Hons) Computing with Marketing;
BSc (Hons) Computing with User Experience*;
BSc (Hons) Computing with Web Development*.

*signifies that students may read for a University of London degree in parallel

Computing-EQF/MQF Level 5 (oneyear)

Diploma inComputing;
Diploma in Computing with eBusiness & Digital Marketing;
Diploma in Computing with Finance;
Diploma in Computing with Games Design & Development;
Diploma in Computing with Information Systems;
Diploma in Computing with User Experience;
Diploma in Computing with Web Development.

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Students embark on the Diploma programme for one academic year on full time study, and upon successful completion will be promoted to a two academic year full timestudy for the BSc (Hons) programme as per above.

Saint Martin’sInstitute reserves the right not to open a particular specialisation if the number of applications are below the required level.

International Benchmark —Excellent Success Rate

When students from Saint Martin’s sit for their UOL examinations they excel

84% of papers sat for by Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education students show at least a pass

The year on year achievement of Saint Martin’s Institute students in their examination must betaken in light of the fact that all examination papers are set, invigilated and marked by the University of London, whilst students are taught and prepared by academics of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. The University ascertains full transparency in the method of assessment of students who will be awarded its degree.

The overall achievement of 20% of Saint Martin’s Institute graduates attaining a FirstClass Honours, and a 28% attaining a Second Class Upper classification — nearly half of graduates finding open doors at any University if they ever wish to study at Postgraduate level.

This in itself is proof of the excellent preparation that students receive at the Institute.Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education has been affiliated with theUniversity of London since 2000.

And these results are no exception … check our 2018 and our 2017 results!


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Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, established in 1985, is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196 ● Postal Address: Saint Martin’s Institute Foundation Building, 2, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1541 ● Telephone: +356 2123 5451 ● eMail:
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