Malta Accommodation and Places to Stay

Malta Accommodation and Places to Stay
Updated on
March 1, 2023

Places to stay in Malta?

Malta’s rich history and unique architecture have earned the island a reputation for accessible relics and outdoor anthropology. It is impossible to overlook the beauty of long white sandy beaches and hot sultry days and nights. This makes it the perfect destination for a European winter escape. Malta’s small size does not mean that finding a place to stay on the island is difficult. There are choices for every budget from homely bed and breakfasts to boutique and high-end places to stay. With this Malta accommodation guide, you will be one step closer on deciding where to stay.

About Malta

Malta’s history can be seen everywhere on the island. There are 7000-year-old megalithic temples and an absurd amount of historical architecture built by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and the Byzantines. All of these civilizations left something beautiful behind. The island is predominantly Catholic and still has a non-secular feel to it. The Knights of St John and St Paul introduced Christianity to the united states on a voyage to Rome and are very much part of the Maltese people’s psyche.

Traditional honey-coloured stone homes can be found everywhere in Malta. The homes are contrasted by the intensity of the blue Mediterranean Sea. Walking around the towns and cities really makes you appreciate the beauty and history of the island. Coming to Malta is a truly memorable experience.

Choose the season

Summer is a wonderful time to stay in Malta because of the village fiestas and local fireworks. There are a number of first-class locations to view the action. Winter is also another great time to view nativity scenes and enjoy the festive season around Christmas time.

Places to stay and things to do in Malta?
There are countless options for Malta accommodation. From Motels to 5-star luxury hotels, apartments, villas and guesthouses are easy to locate and are excellent quality. Timeshare accommodation and farmhouses are some other options for visitors. The biggest concentration of farmhouses can be discovered in Gozo which is a place not be missed. Here are some of our suggestions of things to do and places to see;

– Feeling the vibrancy of Malta’s cultural capital Valletta. Going out at night in Paceville.
– Wonderful seafood from the tiny fishing village of Marsaxlokk.
– Taking a walk around the back streets of Vittoriosa
– Experiencing the architectural wonders of the ancient walls of Mdina.
– Going to Gozo and Comino for a diving trip?

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