Pet Travel - Moving to Malta With Your Pet

Pet Travel - Moving to Malta With Your Pet
Updated on
February 14, 2023

Pet travel to Malta

If you have pets and you're considering moving yourself and your family to Malta, you will also need to know about pet travel to Malta. The good news is that, although this will require some planning, your pets will be welcome in Malta! The regulations around this do depend on how common rabies is in your home country, and it may be the case that your cat, dog, or ferret will need to be vaccinated before your move.

Travelling With Your Pet

Malta's laws on importing pets and crossing borders with pets are derived from the standard set of EU regulations on these matters. As these rules can be complicated, it is best to get everything sorted out well in advance of your move. The first thing you need to do is to fill in a pet import authorisation form from the Ministry of Agriculture. You can do this online.

For your pet to travel microchipped by a vet prior to your move, and you should make sure to ask for an intradermal 15-digit microchip that conforms to ISO 11784/11785 norms. If your pet has another sort of microchip, you will need to carry the adapting scanner with you, which can be inconvenient. Tattoos are only acceptable if they were applied to the pet before July 2011, so are only relevant to older pets. They will probably also need a rabies vaccination at least three weeks before entering Malta, even if rabies is uncommon in your original country. Unless you live in Ireland, Finland, Norway, or the UK, your dog will need to undergo a tapeworm treatment 24-120 hours before arriving in Malta. If you are from an EU country, you will need a pet passport.

Bringing A Pet From A Third Country

One of the first things you will need to do when bringing a pet into Malta from a third country is to make sure it is microchipped and has been vaccinated against rabies. You then need to plan for a blood titer test, at least 30 days after the vaccination but at least 3 months before you plan to arrive in Malta. This test must be analysed by an approved laboratory. If the lab finds satisfactory results, you will get a pet health certificate which you will need to show upon entering Malta. As with bringing pets from your home country, you will need your pet to be treated against tapeworms with a Praziquantel-based product 24-120 hours prior to arriving in Malta. The vet must then confirm in your pet passport that this treatment has been carried out. Finally, if your pet is a cat or dog, they must be examined by a qualified vet when they arrive in Malta, and you will be financially responsible for any further tests or treatments that the vet deems necessary.

Transporting Other Pets to Malta

We have already covered the procedure for bringing a cat, dog, or ferret into Malta, but what about other pets? If you have a bird, invertebrate, tropical fish, reptile, amphibian, rodent, or rabbit, they will not need to be vaccinated for rabies if you are from an EU country or another approved country. That said, they do need a health certificate, which you will need to research and acquire before leaving your home country. Rabbits and rodents, in particular, may need to be quarantined for a short time after arrival.

If your pet is more exotic, such as a tortoise or parrot, you will need to learn about CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). This protects exotic animals from being exploited when they are exported or imported, and they will require you to get a special permit for pet travel. Your home country will have at least one authority, such as the UK's Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, who can advise you on this subject and help you with all aspects of moving with your pet to Malta.

Discover the health requirements for pet animals entering Malta.

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