Relocating to Malta after Brexit - What You Need to Know

Relocating to Malta after Brexit - What You Need to Know
Updated on
January 26, 2023

Uncertainty looms over the heads of U.K citizens in Malta, as Brexit negotiations continue. Here is a look at how it will affect expats living in Malta and those planning to relocate to the island.

Moving to Malta after Brexit – What you Need to Know to Prepare you for the Changes Ahead

While the U.K and the rest of the world remain uncertain regarding what will transpire after Brexit is finalized, one thing is for sure, the final decision made by the British government will affect British Expats living in Malta, and British nationals who are considering relocating to this destination. There is much speculation on how the introduction of new laws and regulations will affect important things like health care, residency permits, work permits, and pensions; nonetheless, nothing has been determined as of yet, and many people are still in the dark concerning the current negotiations. This article will give you some insight on the current deliberations, and shine some light on how these talks will impact U.K citizens abroad, and those moving to Malta.

Possible Living and Working Conditions in Malta for British Expats

Residency tax programs along with retirement programs that once benefited U.K citizens living abroad in Malta will be amended after the government has reached a final decision in their deliberations. In fact, experts and media personnel suggest that the adjustments made to the programs may result in U.K nationals being subjected to follow the same procedure as non-EU residents, indicating a lengthier and more complex process in regards to registration. This may also apply to obtaining work permits in Malta. British expat workers may have to go through the same complex process of applying for a work permit as individuals who are not a part of the EU-States according to EU laws. U.K citizens may face similar complications and challenges if they decide to retire in Malta after Brexit; therefore, it is highly recommended to secure your residency in Malta before negotiations are completed. Others speculate that British nationals who decide to move to Malta will be given special status and privileges similar to British nationals who are visiting Malta as tourists once talks are concluded. Nonetheless, regardless of numerous predictions being made, negotiations are still underway and the outcome has yet to be determined.

Health Care Benefits for U.K Citizens in Malta Remains

Due to a bilateral agreement that was officially established between Malta and Great Britain in 1975, and is annually renewed, the Ministry of Health has recently announced that British nationals relocating to Malta will continue to receive free health care benefits regardless of the Brexit outcome. This is the same for Maltese expats who are living and working in the United Kingdom. Both Malta and the U.K have affirmed that Brexit would not be an obstacle in preserving bilateral agreements pertaining to Maltese and U.K citizens, and it is possible that similar treaties will be signed to cover other important topics relevant to British expats living in Malta.

A Glance at the Over All Impact on British Expats Living in Malta

There are approximately 12,000 British expats living in Malta registered as residents on the island, beneficiaries under tax programs and retirees. Deliberations have left many British nationals residing in other EU states in limbo as to what the future will bring regarding their residency status and rights as expat workers. Whether or not they will enjoy the same privileges as they once did before will depend solely on the negations that are currently underway between the EU and the other individual member states. Unfortunately, this also applies to Malta, as well.

It is not certain if having the liberty of free education, simple work permits, and pension rights will remain the same for U.K citizens abroad. Nonetheless, for beneficiaries who are registered under tax residency programs, there are two scenarios that may play out. The first scenario is that British nationals will be regarded as non-EU nationals, therefore, disqualifying them from the program. In this case, U.K citizens will lose their rights as EU nationals and be forced to comply with the same procedures and processes that are currently in place for non-EU state members. The second existing possibility is that given the close relationship between Malta and Britain, an agreement may be reached that will allow British nationals to keep their full rights and continue to benefit from the EU programs. It is unlikely that expats that are already living in Malta will be stripped of their residency status, and given a large number of U.K citizens living in Malta it is possible that this discussion will not have a significant effect on expats that are already living in the country. However, for U.K citizens who are planning to move to Malta, obtaining residency status and official work permits may prove to be a challenge.

Why Now is the Best Time to Act

The given the fact that an exclusive decision may be made regarding U.K citizens relocating to Malta before Brexit is finalized makes now the perfect time to take action and secure your residency in Malta now before you move. Welcome Center Malta provides assistance for British nationals who plan to relocate to Malta before and after Brexit. Getting a quote is simple, fast and easy. We will provide the necessary information required to ensure that your move is comfortable and effortless. Contact us today and get started on securing your residence in Malta.

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