Planning of the World’s First Decentralised Bank in Malta, by Bitcoin Billionaire

Planning of the World’s First Decentralised Bank in Malta, by Bitcoin Billionaire
Updated on
January 31, 2023

Currently there is ample development in the Maltese blockchain industry. Changpeng Zhao, the billionaire that is behind one of the largest cryptocurrency companies in the world, Binance, is behind the planning of the new decentralised bank in Malta. The bank will be called Founders Bank, and there is a reason to it. One of the main features that makes the bank unique and special, is the fact that it will not belong to any single entity or individual.

Changpeng Zhao

As an alternative, it will be owned by whoever, invests and purchases a part of its token-based equity.

The cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is known to be the largest cryptocurrency and last March, it declared that it will be moving to the Maltese Islands.

According to an article from Bloomberg, a business news website, which mentioned that Binance already teamed with the local Government. The Maltese Government already discussed that it will be investing a 5% stake in the decentralised bank, which will be owned by the community.

People interested in contributing to the funding of the Bank, can join the fundraising on Neufund, a blockchain equity platform. Recently Neufund, the Berlin based company, announced that it will be establishing an office in Malta.

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