Reasons Why You Should Host Your Event in Malta

Reasons Why You Should Host Your Event in Malta
Updated on
January 31, 2023

Malta is a beautiful and an ideal place to organise a business event or a conference, exhibition, meeting, or incentive. Found in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is often called the gateway between Europe and Africa. Apart from all the technological devices and exclusive venues to enhance your event in Malta, the country offers many other benefits.

Size of the Maltese Islands

The beautiful islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino are lovely and unique, each in their own way. With their small size of just 316 square kilometers in total, visitors have the opportunity to fully discover the islands in a short time frame. The average transfer time is a mere 15-25 minutes.

Maltese’s Strategic Location

Hosting an event in Malta is strategically advantageous because being in the middle of the Mediterranean means, that the Maltese islands are close to North Africa, the Middle East, and mainland Europe. This makes Malta a top choice for finding a central meeting place.

An excellent port and air infrastructure also makes an event in Malta an easy and convenient option. Considering that Malta makes part of the European Union, means that it’s the perfect entrance to the Euro-Mediterranean area and beyond.

Malta’s Land and Climate

The islands boast a mild climate virtually all year-round and get at least 5 hours of sunshine every day, even in the winter. Summertime sees sunshine for up to 12 hours every day. Frequent winds and cool breeze from the sea often blows during the summer nights, helping keep the temperature from getting reaching extremes.

The sea is prime for “bathing” in virtually all year round and you’ll even see people at the beach in October. This excellent climate means you can hold an event any time of year, without worrying too much about weather conditions in Malta.

Culture and History in Malta

The history, heritage, and culture in Malta dates back 7,000 years. The nation’s architecture is one way to see the historic legacy of the Mediterranean. There’s so much to explore here, from the Grandmasters’ Palace in Valletta, a 16th century wonder, to the Sacra Infermeria, which is currently being used as a conference centre. The St. James Centre for Creativity is another cultural location to behold.

The art of living is done well in Malta and brings together the old with the modern. This means a wide range of cultural events to enjoy all year round in Malta, each influenced by the country’s long commitment to the arts. That National Museum of Fine Arts, which can be found in a beautiful 1570’s Rococo building, is the place to see masterpieces that date back to the Renaissance era and all the way up to modern times.

The islands are also blessed with theater and music, including Valletta’s Manoel Theater and two breath-taking opera houses. The islands are also home to several open-air venues that put on a diverse selection of plays, concerts, musicals, and operas each year. They’re also ideal for enjoying a meal outdoors and several lunches and dinners are hosted here each year.

Malta’s Unique Cuisine

The food of the Maltese islands is a delightful blend of traditional island food, with influences from the many cultures and people who have called the area their home over the centuries. That means a primarily Mediterranean cuisine, with hints of Africa and Europe. The islands boast a variety of specialty restaurants as well as those that offer the local foods.

Traditionally, Maltese people have enjoyed rustic meals that centre on the foods of the seasons. Fish pie, rabbit stew, a Maltese influenced ratatouille and beef with olives are meals to look out for. Widow’s soup served with sheep’s or goat’s cheese is another local specialty. Bigilla is a local dish to enjoy at the island’s many food counters and is a delicious pate made from garlic and broad beans. Bread dipped in olive oil and flavoured with tomatoes, onions, tuna, garlic and capers, as well as a pastry filled with ricotta and peas are other delights to enjoy.


The Maltese are friendly and speak predominantly Maltese. It’s one of Europe’s safest places and also has a heavy English speaking population, which is the area’s second predominant language. Just another excellent reason to host your event in Malta.

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