Top Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in Malta

Top Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in Malta
Updated on
January 24, 2023

Organising an event in a foreign country or unfamiliar location can certainly de-rail the entire conference, exhibition or convention. The number one wrong move to avoid is the lack of local knowledge and experience, thus partnering with the right destination management company (DMC) becomes vital.

How Can Destination Management Companies Help You?

DMC’s are contracted to handle entire events from start to finish but are undoubtedly most convenient to partner with for elements outside the venue itself. Local destination management companies can actually increase the level of quality and lower the cost due to being able to source credible local suppliers and negotiate prices.

Incentives, corporate gifts, experiences or practical tasks such as restaurant bookings and transportation are all part of a DMC’s tasks. More importantly, perhaps is local knowledge when the unexpected happens. A local destination management company has the local knowledge and experience to deal with traffic jams, emergency hospital treatment or even assist with lost travel documents.

Especially considering a country where the language, currency, and local customs are foreign to you, a DMC can greatly reduce mishaps in a foreign destination.

How To Choose The Right DMC?

For any event to be successful, it is not just about the nicest travel destination. Good events are synonymous with flawless services and unique experiences. When choosing a destination management company you need to look for both the ability for customisation but also being able to handle the volume your event requires.

Experience is perhaps the most important factor. A long-standing DMC probably has overcome the most unexpected situations and know how to deal with possible safety issues that may arise.

Depending on your needs, a multi-lingual destination management company can also greatly improve the service and more effectively deal with your guests when the unexpected happens.

So when businesses are outside their local turf and therefor knowledge, hire a destination management company to take care of things for you. To help you along the way, we have gathered some of the best DMC’s in Malta to consider:

SMS Tourism

Put your mind at ease when hosting your next event in Malta or Gozo. Whatever your conference or event requires, SMS Tourism is equipped to handle it, in the most efficient manner. The SMS Group of companies is one of the longest established private group of Companies in Malta. With over 40 years of experience, they specialise in offering tailor-made programs for hosting memorable groups, conferences, events, and incentives.

Their highly professional and personal touch can be experienced across their entire service portfolio, such as the organisation of an exclusive venue, conference facilities, and team building activities, among others. Their long years of experience and ample local knowledge provide endless possibilities for quality conferences, meetings, and corporate services.

Some of the other services provided by the group, SMS, include transport, accommodation arrangements, representative assistance, car hire, shared or private tours, cruise shore excursions, English language courses, and any required travel arrangements.

For a memorable and unique event, contact;

Email: or
Telephone: +356 2577 1407 or +356 2577 1411

Malta Uncut

High standards, quality, and innovation are high on the agenda for the team of Malta Uncut. Their name derives from the philosophy to provide an “uncut” experience of the Maltese islands. Their unique events are characterised by discovering the real soul of the islands, something that many visitors are unable to experience.

Malta Uncut use their 25 years of experience and local knowledge to provide high profile events for corporations that range from 10 and up to 1,500 persons. The multi-lingual team is experienced in events management with customers from mainly France, Italy, Germany, and South  Africa.

For a different and truly unique event experience, contact;

Telephone: +356 2132 2024

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