Festival Malta - Top Annual Festivals & Events

Festival Malta - Top Annual Festivals & Events

People in Malta love an excuse to celebrate, therefore festival Malta are a regular occurrence. The atmosphere on the island is exciting, lively and the following seven festivals in Malta, definitely contribute to this.

Watch class acts at the Isle of MTV Festival

A music festival in Malta with amazing acts from around the world is the Isle of MTV, which is a big hit amongst the locals and tourists year after year. The festival is always held at the end of June and music fans all over the country attend this large event. Some of the acts that have performed in the past include Jessie J, Jason Derulo, Maroon 5, Rita Ora, One republic, Lady Gaga, Will.i.am, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and many other well-known faces. Depending on who is trending that particular year, it is guaranteed that you will find some artists that you have heard of. In addition to the festival itself, many parties are held at this time to celebrate the occasion, so the nightlife is absolutely amazing to also explore.

Earth Garden

Going on for three days in spring, Earth Garden is a festival with a difference. It does carry a strong message about caring for the environment, but do not doubt that this festival is a blast. It is put together in such a way, that young people enjoy coming here every year to watch some of the top local bands play and there is lots of food and drink for everyone to enjoy and socialise. The weather is always nice and warm at this time of year too, which is another reason why it is so popular with youths.

Farsons Beer Festival

Farsons brewery organise this beer festival on a yearly basis and it's really important for the Maltese people to celebrate their much-loved beer, Cisk. Apart in the Maltese Islands, it is also sold in both the UK and Australia. It's a light and refreshing beer to drink during the warmer months of the year. In addition to the local beer, different beers from all over the world can be sampled at this festival. Live music and delicious food stalls are also found at this event. This festival is going into its 37th year anniversary and it's completely free to get in.

Let loose at Malta Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival is always held at the stunning Ta’Liesse, in Valletta. If you are a fan of this type of music, this is definitely an event to put in your diary. The festival spreads over three days and during that time, some of the best jazz performers take the limelight.

The Marsovin Summer Wine Festival Malta

Local wine manufacturer, Marsovin organises this festival, giving everyone a chance to sample the delicious wine on offer. You need to pay €16 to get into this event and you will get "wine tokens", which you can then use to sample a huge variety of wines, thus it is definitely worth the price tag. You can indulge yourself with the local cuisine on the food stalls and listen to some amazing live-music. Wine, food and music, definitely an experience to remember.

The Delicata Wine Festival Malta

Another wine festival during the middle of August is organised by the Delicata wine company and it's also pretty popular. Similar to the Marsovin Wine festival Malta, this is a really classy event with some of the best wines you will ever tasted. There is also delicious food and a variety of artists performing, to make your day even more memorable.

Notte Bianca

Notte Bianca is Italian for "white night" and this event usually takes place every year, in early autumn. It is basically a big art gathering, where you will find many different art galleries and companies that put on art exhibits and performances for you all night long. This night is really an amazing opportunity for those interested in arts and you can check out all the local artists at no cost. This is a really popular event and transport is offered, however, due to the many people attending, it is often recommended to sort out your own means of transport.

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