Top 5 Conference Centers in Malta - Impress Your Guests!

Top 5 Conference Centers in Malta - Impress Your Guests!
Updated on
January 30, 2023

As international trade and cross border business grows, the need for high quality conference centers across Europe is higher now than ever before. Whether you are looking for a small, medium, or large-sized function space, Malta is a country with a number of different venues able to meet your demands.

From state of the art modern facilities to an historic building that possesses the charm you are looking for to strike the right professional balance, the island boasts everything that you need. Here are five of the best event and conference venues for your special event in Malta.

<h3-center-line>Mediterranean Conference Center<h3-center-line>

Location: Valletta

The Mediterranean Conference Center is one of the most eye-catching buildings in Malta's capital. Formerly a hospital, it is now one of the most prevalent international conference centers in Europe.

Among other events, the center has hosted such prestigious conferences as the Valletta Summit on Migration and the 7th World Summit on Arts & Culture.

It boasts room for 2,500 in its largest hall.

<h3-center-line>Hilton Malta Conference Center<h3-center-line>

Location: St. Julian's

Located next to the picturesque Portomaso Yacht Marina and just a 20 minute ride from the airport, the Hilton Malta Conference Center can accommodate 1300 people in its Grand Master Suite.

Perfect for networking and inter-company opportunities.

The conference center is within walking distance to several of the other similar establishments in the area and has everything you need for a successful event.

<h3-center-line>InterContinental Arena<h3-center-line>

Location: St. Julian's

Another fantastic conference center in St. Julian's is the InterContinental, which is one of Malta's largest event halls.

With room for a total of 17000 delegates, this convention center is perfect for events like product launches and conventions.

It boasts the largest indoor space in the St. George's Bay area.

<h3-center-line>Malta Fairs And Convention Center<h3-center-line>

Location: Ta Qali

Ideal for hosting anything from large-scale gala dinners to concerts and fashion shows to trade fairs, this is the largest conference and exhibition venue in the country.

The space has played host to several icons over the years including Simply Red, Faithless, Michael Bolton and the Chemical Brothers.

A high ceiling fabric structure has a total area of 7000 square meters, and thanks to its multi-purpose nature, it can accommodate a range capacity from 10000 seated to 22000 standing.

<h3-center-line>Oracle Conference Center<h3-center-line>

Location: Bugibba

The Oracle Conference Center is located inside the luxurious Dolmen Resort Hotel, which is one of the best four-star hotels in the Northern region of the country.

Right on the seafront, the building is in the perfect location to provide good business experience and opportunities for positive leisure time in between events.

The center has a good reputation for pharmaceutical meetings and association events in particular, with three large convention rooms and several other syndicate rooms available for use. Its largest room is the called the Oracle, which can accommodate a total of 1200 guests when seated.

As you can see, the possibilities are positively endless when it comes to picking an event or conference venue in the wonderful country of Malta. North, south, east or west, there are great options in every direction.

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